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Gram Geeta Adhyay - 31


ईश्वर-भजनाचा करितां प्रचार । होईल आमुचा उध्दार । परंतु जगासि ताराया अपार । सामर्थ्य पाहिजे अंगीं तें ॥१॥
There is no doubt that, enacting the spiritual services like bhajan and keertana, we can offer our sincere devotion to God and get ourselves emancipated personally. But the greatest power is necessary to obtain the emancipation of the world. ||1||

तें कार्य संतचि करूं जाणे । जे देवचि झाले जीवेंप्राणें । येरा गबाळांनी केलीं भजनें । तरी काय होतें ? ॥२॥
Holy Saints, who had sought the state of the most excellent divinity with their soul and life forces, can only perform the extra ordinary enactments to emancipate the world. Ignorant people, other than such saints may go on singing and reciting bhajan, keertan to any limits, of their abilites, nothing good will come out of it in this regard. ||2||

रामनामें  तरले पाषाण । परि तें लिहिणारेहि तैसेचि पूर्ण । इतरांनी खडा टाकतांहि बुडोन । जाईल आता ॥३॥
It is true that the stones bearing the name of Lord Ram had floated on the waters of the sea. But the devotees, who wrote Ram naam on those stones were the most excellent and virtueous. They had totally forgotten their physical consciousness, their soul and heart in their sincere devotion. Anybody if drops a small nodule in to water, it will directly sink down to the bottom. ||3||

निर्जीव चालविली भिंत । केले सोन्याचे पर्वत । विषासहि बनविलें अमृत । तेचि खरे शक्तिशाली ॥४॥
Those saints were really extra - ordinarily powerful who made the lifeless wall proceed ahead, who turned the high mountains into gold and transformed poison into nectar. ||4||

रेडयामुखीं वदविले वेद । डोहीं कोरडे ठेविले कागद । ऐसे थोर संत प्रसिध्द । विश्व-तारक ॥५॥
Those holy saints had become gloriously wellknown as the emancipators of the world, who got the vedas intoned through the mouth of a he-buffelo, who took out the notebooks of their abhangaas thirteen days after, from the deep narrow pond in the river and those note books were completely dry and undamaged though they remained in water for thirteen days. ||5||

तेचि आपुल्या भजनें वचनें । जगासि उध्दरितील दयेने । आमुच्या भजनाचें तुणतुणें । फुकेंच सारें ॥६॥
As these great saints had always cherished divine virtues like pity and sympathy for the world, they could uplift the world through their bhajans and dominutions. The mean and negligible small musical stringed instrument of our devotional bhajans have no value before them. ||6||

संत मायबाप कृपाळ । ’ आपणासारिखे करिती तत्काळ ’ । कृपा करितां न लागे वेळ । पतितहि तरावया ॥७॥
All those holy saints are benignant parents. If they become merciful they can emancipate the most fallen sinful and make them as divine as they themselves are and that too in a moment. ||7||

त्यांचा मंत्र पडतां  कानीं । होय पातकांची हानि । जडजीवहि जाती उध्दरोनि । अन्य भजनी हें करूं न शके ॥८॥
As soon as anybody hears the sacred Mantra uttered by them, all sins of the listener vanish away and the ignorant being can get emancipated. Any other bhajanee can't do so. ||8||

ऐसा श्रोतियाचा विचार । म्हणे संत करितील चमत्कार । तरीच तरेल हा संसार । साधन येर वाउगें ॥९॥
The chain of thoughts of the listeners seems so. They think, if the holy saints enact miracles, this world will seek emancipation. All other ways and means are useless and unable to do it. ||9||

याचें उत्तर ऐका श्रोते ? संत जरि चमत्कारें तारिते । तरि कोणीच न उरते । आजवरि बध्द जनीं ॥१०॥
"Listen, O Listeners!, Had the holy saints gone enacting the strange mircles, as you are expecting from them, no poor miserable had remained as the ignorance-bonded being. All would have achieved salvation. ||10||

कारण संत अपार झाले । ज्यांची देशावरीहि सत्ता चाले । त्या संतांसि सर्वचि आपुले । कां न तारिले दयेने ? ॥११॥
There had been innumerable saints and holymen upon this earth. They certainly had powers even to rule over Gods. They had always cherished unlimited pity and sympathy for all and they held all the living beings as their own. Why then did they not become so merciful to emancipate all living beings?" ||11||

संतांसि ’ सर्वाचेंच बरें व्हावें ’ । ऐसें वाटे जीवेंभावें । परि ज्यांनी कर्तव्य करावें । तेचि होती अधिकारी ॥१२॥
All saints do really and sincerely feel that all human beings should happily prosper in this world and seek their welfare. But remember, Those human beings, who honestly and sincerely attend to their legitimate duties (towards the humanity) are only worthy of claiming the divine blessings and favour of saints. ||12||

जनीं कर्तव्य न करितां । संत लाभ न देती आइता । नुसता त्यांचा मंत्र घेतां । मोक्ष होतो म्हणूं नये ॥१३॥
We can't have the benefit of merciful divine blessings and favour from the saints unless we have attended to our duty as the human, honestly and sincerely. Don't think that by getting initiated with some auspicious `Mantra' from some saint, one can seek salvation. ||13||

संत आपणासारिखे करिती । परिसें सोने केलें लोहाप्रति । परंतु खापर सोने नोहे निश्चिती । जाणावें हें तारतम्य ॥१४॥
The saints bring up other human beings and make them equal & at par of their own divine level (and make them as saintly as they themselves are). This is true But you must understand. The alchemic stone (PARISA) can change iron into Gold but it can't make the pitcher golden. You must have this sense of judgement in respect of the enactments of the saints. ||14||

उध्दार करणें हें संतांचें कर्म । परि त्यांत आहे निराळें वर्म । समजोनि घ्यावा शिष्यधर्म । कोणता आपुला ॥१५॥
It is true that it is the moral duty of all saints to uplift the living beings. But there is an identical secret in it. You have to realise what your duties are as the loyal and honest disciple of the saints and you have to fulfil them at any cost. ||15||

संत जें ज्या कोणां सांगती । तैसेचि जरि ते जन वागती । त्यांचाचि उध्दार होतो जगतीं । ऐसें आहे ॥१६॥
The secret behind it is that when the saint tells somebody to enact something, he must do it in - to with full faith in his saint-Guru, understanding what the saint wants him to do. Then only he can be surely lifted up by the saint. ||16||

उध्दार संत न करिती । मार्ग सांगती जनाप्रति । त्यांच्या बोधवचनें प्रगति । केली पाहिजे साधकें ॥१७॥
The saint never actually uplifts any body and grants him salvation. They only guide on a right path to achieve upliftment. Then the seeker has to follow the path with full faith and sincerity, and enact literally as the saint has advised. then only the seekar can make his spiritual progress successfully. ||17||

चोरासि वाटे चतुर निघावे । विषयी म्हणे शौकीन व्हावे । तैसे साधूसि वाटे सज्जन बनावे । लोक आपुले ॥१८॥
The thief wants to become more smart and skilful, (in his profession). The amorous or lewd one wants to look more voluptuous. Similarly the saints and seers also want that their followers and disciples should become good, virtueous and noble individuals. ||18||

सर्वचि करिती आपुला प्रचार । तैसाचि साधूचा व्यवहार । कोणता उत्तम कोण अपवित्र । मार्ग जाणावा साधकें ॥१९॥
All go on canvassing their own merits. The saints and sages also canvass about their good wishes for people near to them. But the spiritual seeker should use his own discretion and consideration which way is auspicious, pure and excellent for him and which other way is impure and inauspicious. ||19||

मागे कोणत्या मार्गे जन गेले ? कोणाच्या प्रचारें कल्याण झालें ? कोणें जीवनासि पुढारिलें । कीर्तिरूपें ? ॥२०॥
The spiritual seeker should think himself and try to understand which divine and auspicious way the earlier people had followed for their welfare, by whose spiritual guidance and advice they could attain it and who could succeed to retain behind their glories, name and fame. ||20||

एक गेला जुगारापायीं । एक मेला बुडोनि विषयीं । एक झाला चोर अन्यायी । गांवगुंड ॥२१॥
Some individual went intently after constant gambling and became broken up and bankrupt. The another one got himself fully absorbed in enjoying luxurious sensual pleasures and fell prey to his boundless and excessive passions. The third one became the most unjust, unrighteous, rowdy and turned into a natorious village-bully. ||21||

एक संतापाशी गेला । तोच सन्मार्गी लागोनि तरला । तयाचा उत्तम प्रचार झाला । सर्व लोकीं ॥२२॥
But there ws one individual who always lived in close association of the sants and enacted following the virtueous and noble behaviour. He sought his upliftment from his worldly life. His name and fame spread all over the world very widely. ||22||

ऐसी आहे संतांची संगति । आपण ऐकिल्या होते गति । पण कर्तव्य केल्यासचि उन्नति । दिसों लागे ॥२३॥
This is the fruitful outcome of living in close association with the holy saints. We can find way to our self upliftment and prosperity. But only he, who honestly and sincerely goes on that way can get his objectives fulfilled. ||23||

संत म्हणती सत्य बोलावें । आपण नेमकें खोटें करावें । बोल शेवटीं संतांवरि ठेवावे । कोण्या न्यायाने ? ॥२४॥
The saints always advise us to speak the truth and to follow truth in behaviour. But we always go on lying. And moreover, we put blame upon the saints for not favouring us merafully. Is this just and fair? ||24||

संतांनी सांगावें दुर्गुण सोडा । आपण पापांनी भरावा गाडा । कासया सांगावा संत-पोवाडा । ’ उध्दार होतों ’ म्हणोनि ? ॥२५॥
The saints advise us to give up vices and evil habits. We continue loading our carts full with sinful behaviour. Then why should we go on boasting and enumerating the saints and their divine virtues ? ||25||

ज्याने संतवचन पाळावें । आपुले दुर्गुण आवरावे । त्यानेच कृपापात्र व्हावें । संताठायीं ॥२६॥
One, who follows the divine advice of the saints and strictly behaves according to their guidance, who givesup vices, bad habits, will be worthy of seeking favour and blessings from the saints. ||26||

कृपा हा संतांचा स्वभाव । वेगळी नाही कृपेची ठेव । करावयासि देवघेव । प्रयत्नाविण ॥२७॥
It is the natural instinct of all saints to bestow their divine mercy and favour upon all. But this dealing of taking and giving the divine blessings and favour by the seeker and the saints can't be possible unless the seeker puts his hard and sincere efforts. The saints have not kept the treasure of their divine favour in any separate store. ||27||

एकचि आहे विशेष खूण । संतांच्या वाणींत प्रेमळपण । मनासि लागे आकर्षण । सत्कर्मांचें ॥२८॥
The saints possess a peculiar identification mark. Their speech always overflows with love for all. This mark of identification of the saints makes other think of enacting good and virtueous deeds. ||28||

त्यांची वागणूक पाहोन । प्रसन्न होतें पाहणाराचें मन । तैसेंचि कर्म करावें आपण । वाटे लोकां ॥२९॥
The divine, virtueous and righteous behaviour of the saints makes people happy and inspires them to follow the same virtueous and righteous behaviour in their practical life. ||29||

परि ज्याचे वाईट संस्कार । वृत्ति असे बहिरंग फार । त्यासि बोध होणें अति दुर्धर । समजा लोकीं ॥३०॥
But those, who bear deeply the evil and worst impressions upon their minds and behaviour, get attracted towards the worldly enjoyments and the various means of worldly pleasures. Such voluptuous people will find it difficult to seek the divine advice of the saints and to bring it into their practical behaviour. ||30||

वृत्ति उत्तम कार्यीं वळे । त्यावरि संताचा बोध मिळे । निश्चय होतां भाग्य उजळे । थोरपणाने ॥३१॥
When human minds inclines towards virtueous enactments and at this juncture, they perchance listen to the advice of the saints, then their determination to enact the virtueous and excellent work gets confirmed and it results in bringing in them good fortune. ||31||

मनुष्य दु:खानें होरपळला । विचारें वैराग्यभावीं वळला । त्यावरि गुरुचा बोध उजळला । मार्ग कळलां भाग्याचा ॥३२॥
If some miserble individual happens to get singed by the fire of sorrows and gets absorbed in his sorrowful thoughts, he develops a strong feel of desirelessness and disinterest in worldly matters. If at this moment he happens to listen the preceptive advice of the saint, then he can have a clear sight of the way towards his good fortune and welfare. ||32||

कोणी समजोनि पाऊल टाकलें । आपुलें सत्कर्मातचि आहे भले । त्याने संतांचे चरण धरिले । तेहि तरले भाग्यशाली ॥३३॥
If anybody realises that his welfare is stored in enacting good and noble virtueous deeds, he turns to enact them and goes in the refuge of the holy saint, he is a very fortunate person and surely he will seek salvation. ||33||

ऐसें ज्याने साधन केलें । संतवचनासि प्रतिपाळिलें । त्याचें कौतुक कितीहि वानिलें । तरी तें अपुरें ॥३४॥
Heaps and piles of admiring words and praise will fall short in adoring those who honestly, faithfully and sincerely follow the advice and divine preceptive quotations of the saints. ||34||

संताचा शुध्द संकल्प । त्यासि कळला प्रगटला दीप । धरोनि निश्चायाचा प्रताप । उन्नत झाला सतशिष्य ॥३५॥
When anybody realises the pure, clear and auspicious volition manifested in the pure and pious heart of the saints, a lamp of the most excellent and divine knowledge gets flamed up in his heart. His determination strengthens more and more and such virtuous disciple seeks his self upliftment. ||35||

शेतीची जमीन झाली उत्तम । त्यावरि बीं पडलें सक्षम । वाढलें कुटुंबियांचेहि प्रेम । वाढतां पीक ॥३६॥
If a piece of land is excellently cultivated and prepared for sowing, and if high grade productive and pithful seeds are sown into it, a very rich crop grows enormously whizzing throughout the field. Looking at such fully blossomed field, all the family members also grow more and deep love for the farmer. ||36||

तैसेंचि साधकाचें होतें । प्रथम शुध्दाचरण शुध्दचित्तें । वरि संतबोध होतां तेथे । पीक वाढे भक्तीचें ॥३७॥
In the same way, first the spiritual seeker must maintain his behaviour in pure and virtueous manner (land)- It will make his mind and soul pure. When this is enacted by him, and the merciful holy saint bestows his divine precept upon (seeds) him, then certainly, pure and deep devotion will fully blossom in his heart. (rich crop) ||37||

ऐसें ज्याने सिंचन केलें । अंकुर फुटले वाढों लागले । अनुभवाचें फळ आलें । संतकृपाकटाक्षें ॥३८॥
In this way, one who sprinkles water of chestity and piousness upon his clean mind & soul, his spiritual services will sprout up. He will have the mercy and bloessings from the saints. The plant of his devotion will grow and develop into a big tree. He will have a blessing glance as the fruit of that tree. ||38||

परंतु ऐसी सांडोनि रीति । उगीच बुवांच्या पायां पडती । त्यानेच सर्व होतें समजती । अंतरीं लोक आपुल्या ॥३९॥
But leaving this plain and safe path of achieving our ultimate goal, the ignorant people go on prostraiting before the bogus and pretending ascetics (Buwaa) and think that they will have their desires fulfilled in doing so. ||39||

पायां पडल्याने सर्व होतें । मग काम कासया करावें तें ? पोटासि मिळेल आइतें । मोक्ष लाभेल बुवापायीं ॥४०॥
People think that by prostrating before saints and ascetics they can get whatever they want. So they give up doing hard work. They think dogging behind such ascetics, they can easily have their emancipation, as easily as they can seek their meals. ||40||

चुकीची ही धारणा अति । ऐसी नव्हती याची रीति । नम्र व्हावें सर्वांभूतीं । ऐसा सिध्दान्त आहे याचा ॥४१॥
This is totally a wrong conception. The motive behind prostration is to become polite and to express utmost humility to all the living beings. ||41||

सर्वांनीं सर्वांसि नम्र व्हावें । आपलें हितगुज विचारावें । थोरांनी लहानांसि सांगावें । कर्तव्य म्हणोनि ॥४२॥
All should behave very politely and humbly before all beings. they should humbly discuss and ask about their betterment and welfare. The elderly individuals should direct and advise the youngers with proper knowledge about the propriety of prostrates. It is their duty towards the youngers. ||42||

परि लाखो लोकांनी पयांवरि पडावें । थोर सांगती तें न करावें । हें अजबचि घेतलें स्वभावें । भाविकांच्या ॥४३॥
But lakhs of people have picked up a strange practice of prostrating before ascetics. People prostrate to the ascetics but never behave according to their advice. ||43||

ही प्रथाचि बंद करावी । श्रवणीं रुचि वाढवावी । मनन करोनि आचरावी । वाणीं संता-थोरांची ॥४४॥
Now, they should give up this strange practice. They should form a liking in listening to the best advice of the holy saints. They should have a deep meditation upon the saints words and they should try to bring them into their prctical behaviour. ||44||

यानेच संतपण वाढ घेई । संतसंगें संतचि होई । परि ’ संत ’ म्हणतां संसार सोडूनि जाई । ऐसें नव्हे ॥४५॥
This will surely grow the saintly attributes into the seeker and by the constant association with the holy saints, he will achieve that state of holyness of the saints. But to become a saint does not mean to leave the house and the house life. ||45||

संसारीं असोनि संत असती । व्यवहारीं राहोनि आदर्श होती । बुवा न म्हणवितांहि अधिकार ठेविती । सदगुरुचा ॥४६॥
The great saints maintain their house life, perform all their duties as the house holder and maintain their state of saintliness practicing fair and moral, righteous enactments in their behaviour. they live an ideal life. Though they never call themselves as great ascetics, they do possess the authority and worthiness of the real sadguru. ||46||

ऐसें आहे संतपण । तें मिळे सत्संगें करोनि साधन । नसे अंगीं विचित्रपण । कोणतेंहि तयांच्या ॥४७॥
This is what the saintliness is. It is to be achieved through the constant spiritual practice and constant association with the saints. There is nothing strange or miraculous so far as the real saints are concerned. ||47||

पावडीमाजी पाय ठेवितां । दावा म्हणे ब्रह्मसत्ता । त्या जयत्पालराजासि तारिलें तत्त्वता । शेवटीं ग्रंथचि बोधूनि ॥४८॥
The King Jayatpaal challenged swaami Mukundraj while he was putting one foot upon the stirrup to mount his horse and asked him to show him the ruling power of Brahma-The most excellent supreme Truth. Swaamiji accepted his challenge and on the pretext of advising him, he wrote down a very big volume. At last he emancipated the king. ||48||

करोनिया चमत्कार । संत न करिती उध्दार । हाचि मनीं राखा निर्धार । बोधचि सार तयांचा ॥४९॥
The Saints never uplift anybody by enacting any miracle. Their divine advice proves as redemptive. You must firmly bear this in your minds. ||49||

चमत्काराच्या भरीं भरोनि । झाली अनेकांची धुळधाणी । संतचमत्कार यापुढे कोणी । नका वर्णू सज्जन हो ! ॥५०॥
Many individuals have spoiled their lives dogging after the miracles. Gentlemen! Please, henceforth, stop describing and boasting about the miracles of the saints. ||50||

यावरि श्रोता प्रश्न करी । काय संत नव्हती चमत्कारी ? आम्हीं प्रत्यक्ष पाहिलें तरी । कां न लोकां सांगावें ? ॥५१॥
upon this, one of the listeners asked, "Had not saints enacted miracles! We have witnessed the miracles of the saints. Why should not then we tell people about them? ||51||

एकाने नालींतील घाण फेकली । ती अत्तरसुगंधें घमघमाटली । एकाने मुठीमधूनि काढिली । खडीसाखर प्रत्यक्ष ॥५२॥
(We have seen) "One saint threw the dirty water from the gutter upon the people around. But from that dirt very sweet fragrance of perfume spread all over. Another saint presented from his empty mist the sugarcandy. All, who were present there had witnessed this miracle." ||52||

एकाने कटोरींतूनि पंगती वाढल्या । श्रोतियानेत्रीं धारा काढल्या एकाने घडयाळीच बंद केल्या । सर्व गांवाच्या ॥५३॥
"Then one saint served food to the rows after rows of people taking out food from his small bowl. Then some another saint made certain individual's eyes shed tears. The third on stopped all clocks and watches in the whole town." ||53||

मित्रा ! त्वां पाहिलें साच । परि हा आभास मिथ्याच । संताचें हें लक्षण नव्हेच । कोणत्याहि, कदाकाळीं ॥५४॥
(Vandaniya maharaj replies), "My Friend ! you saw all these events But it was surely semblance. Enacting miracles has never been an identical character of any saint in any ages; nevr in the past, not at present and never in the future. ||54||

हे सर्व संतांघरचे क्षुद्र खेळ । कोणी मानितील यांस सबळ । तरि ते मुकतील प्रांजळ । सेवाव्रत महत्त्वाचें ॥५५॥
All these enactments are mean, trifle and meaningless tricks of those bogus buwaas (hypocrite ascetics). If anybody believes in them and thinks that the miracles are a real phenomenon, he will be deprived of the important spiritual practices and the vow of serving others. ||55||

लटिकें अदृश्य तें आणावें । कांही लोकांस जेवूं घालावें । आणि आणिलें तेथे खळगे पाडावे । हें दिसे त्या नवल कैसें ? ॥५६॥
If any so called saint attempts to bring false food unwitnessed by anybody, and freely feeds people, a great loss of food will surely prevail some where. Because that saint had brought that food from there. then what is the wonder there ?" ||56||

कोणी कीर्तिस्तव दान करी । पैसे मिळवोनि काळयाबाजारीं । तैसे दुसरीकडोनि आणोनि भरी । वस्तु अदृश्य ॥५७॥
Some persons make a huge money by black marketing and then donates a part of it in charity to earn name and fame. In the same way the the things brought by these fake ascetics in some invisible way are like the money earned in black marketing. ||57||

एकाचे खिसे कापावे । दुसर्‍यास म्हणे दान घ्यावें । तैसेंच चमत्कारलाघव आघवें । समजावें हें ॥५८॥
This skill in performing such miracles is just like pick pocketing money from one's pocket and donating it to another person. ||58||

कोणी गुरुची सेवा करी । जीवन वाही चमत्कारावरि । अडक्याचें साधन साधूनि झुगारी । आयुष्यरत्न ॥५९॥
Some disciple serves his Guru. All his service and attempts are to obtain some occult powers from the Guru. In fact their aim to serve the Guru should be for obtaining the most precious gem of emancipation. But, neglecting this excellent objective, they die after the mean and trifile occult powers. ||59||

पैसा देवोनि नांवेंतूनि जावें । तेथे तपाने पाण्यावरि चालावें । शेवटीं अहंकारें भ्रष्ट व्हावें । यांत थोरवी कशाची ? ॥६०॥
By paying a little money one can go across the river by hiring some boat. Why should then he use the occult power of spiritual penance to walk on the water and waste the penance practices? This is the downfall of the ascetic. What and where is greatness for him in this act ? ||60||

परि हें जनासि कळेना । संतांपासूनि इच्छा नाना । करिती देवोनि दानदक्षिणा । लोभासाठी ॥६१॥
But people don't understand this. They expect many things of their desires from the saints For this, they pay donations and Dakhshina (fees for enacting rites) and make a show of their greed. ||61||

लोकांचिया या ओळखोनि भावा । अनेक दांभिक येती गांवां । लुटती जनासि ढोंगी बुवा । मागे लावोनिया ॥६२॥
These fake hypocrite ascetics fully know the human tendencies and the attraction in common people for mircles. so they visit the villges and enchant people by attracting towards them and rob them finally. ||62||

ही बुवाबाजी भुलवी जना । भ्रष्ट करी ग्रामजीवना । फसवोनि भोळया-बापडयांना । भलत्या छंदा लाविती ॥६३॥
This hypocratic masquerading of the bogus and fake saints and ascetics charm the common man and spoil the innocent life of people. These bogus buwaas deceive the ignorant people and impel them to fall prey to bad habits and addictions. ||63||

कांही देती शेतीधन । मग पाहती मागे फिरोन । हें तंव आहे वेडेपण । आपुल्या स्वार्थांधतेचें ॥६४॥
Some individuals offer their farms and money to such fake and bogus ascetics. Then after some days they repent for it. This is a pure blind selfishness. ||64||

कांही वर्गणी करोनि गोळा । गांवीं करिती भक्ति-सोहळा । भिकारी करोनि स्त्रियाबाळां । ठेविती कोणी ॥६५॥
Some individuals collect contributions and arrange a display of pomp and show of the greatness of their devotion. some squander huge money lavishly to exhibit their superficial devotion and leave their family members to go on starving. ||65||

प्रयत्नांचा मार्ग सोडिती । अल्पायासें लाभ इच्छिती । चमत्कारांच्या थापेंत जाती । गारूडियांच्या ॥६६॥
Common people stray away from doing honest efforts. They wish to have more gains in less efforts. So It makes them to fall prey to the bluffs of the fake ascetics who enchant them by enacting miraculous tricks like jugglers. ||66||

लोक चमत्कारावरि भुलती । मागाहूनि पश्चात्ताप करिती । कांही भुरळ पाडली म्हणती । आम्हांवरि ॥६७॥
The simple innocent and ignorant people get attracted and allured by the miracles enacted by such bogus ascetics. But at last they have to regret for it. Then some of these deceived individuals argue that they were marvelled and mesmarized by the bogus ascetic. ||67||

वास्तविक संत नव्हे जादुगार । करावया चमत्कार । हा तों चालत आहे व्यवहार । पोटभर्‍यांचा ॥६८॥
In fact, the real saints are not the magicians. performing any miracles. the saints and miracles you are speaking of are a kind of a business deal of those bally-Gods. ||68||

चमत्कार तेथे नमस्कार । तेणें जादुगिरीस चढे पूर । खर्‍या संतांस ओळखीना नर । चमत्काराअभावीं ॥६९॥
People hold a tendency to prostrate before miracles. This attitude has brought a great value to the magic of such bogus ascetics. so it has become very difficult for the common innocent man to recognise the real saint as he never enacts any miracles. ||69||

याच भ्रांतीने भुलोनि । ’ संत आले गांवीं भुवनीं । परि पाप न गेलें धुवोनि ’ । म्हणती जन यापरी ॥७०॥
The villagers get fascinated by such saints. But at last say "The saint had visited our village and houses; but the sin of the village and of us has not been swept away. ||70||

कोणी म्हणती घेतलें दर्शन । परि न झालें रोग-निवारण । कोणी म्हणती नाही संतान । दिलें संतांनी आम्हांसि ॥७१॥
Some say that though they had seen the buwa, they were not cured from the diseases they are suffering from. Some others complain that the saint had not fulfilled their earnest desire for a child. ||71||

कोणी म्हणती मंत्र घेतला । परि उध्दारचि नाही झाला । दु:खचि जाळी अजूनि मनाला । अहोरात्र आमुच्या ॥७२॥
Some say that they had been initiated by the `Gurumantra', but so for they have not sought upliftment. their minds and souls are still burning with agonies the whole day and night. ||72||

कोणी म्हणती घेतलें दर्शन । परि नाही मिळालें आम्हां धन । कोणी म्हणती नोकरी लावून । द्यावी संतीं आम्हांसि ॥७३॥
Some say that they had visited the saint with a hope for getting a lot of money. But at last they were disappointed. Some other person wants the saint to fulfil his demand for a good employment by the saint's grace. ||73||

कोणी म्हणती मुलगी वाढली । संताने सोयरीक नाही जुळवली । कोणी म्हणती गेलों पायवणी घेतली । परि ताप न गेला आमुचा ॥७४॥
Some murmers that his daughter has matured and yet the great saint has not brought a proper match for her. some other person complains that he had taken the holy water (teertha) of the great saints's feet but his temperature has not yet come down. ||74||

कोणी म्हणती गेलों दर्शनासि । परि आठ दिवसांचा आहे उपाशी । सट्टा नाही दिला आम्हांसि । साधुसंताने एकहि ॥७५॥
Somebody describes his sorrow saying that he had gone to the saint to have a sight of his divine-self but he has been observing fast & starving for the last eight days. Yet the saint has not shown mercy upon him to make fortune in betting. ||75||

कोणी म्हणे दर्शन घेतलें । परि चोर तुरुंगांतूनि नाही सुटले । चोरी केली म्हणोनि काय झालें । दर्शन घेतां मुक्त व्हावें ॥७६॥
Some say that they had visited the saint and had his divine look but their relatives have not been freed from the prison. they had attempted a theft but as we have taken the look of the saint, they must be releaved from jail by the mercy of the saint. ||76||

कोणी म्हणती संत घरीं आले । आमुचें पाहिजे भाग्य उघडलें । कर्तव्य न करितांहि राज्य भेटलें । पाहिजे आम्हां ॥७७॥
Some claim that as the great saint has visited our house, our good fortune must get brighten up. And without any efforts we should be given a power to rule by the saint's grace. ||77||

कर्तव्य करितां सर्व होतें । मग संतदर्शन काय करावें तें ? संताने कर्महीनासि द्यावें आइतें । आणूनिया ॥७८॥
when the man works hard and enacts his duties, he can get everything and can get all his wishes fulfilled. then what is the use of visiting the saint and having a look of him? Is it the duty of the saint to provide everything to the devotee and that too taking it personally to that idle's home ? ||78||

तुम्ही म्हणतां संत दयाळ । आमुचें वेडें झालें बाळ । त्याने कृपा करोनि तत्काळ । बरें करावें ॥७९॥
You say that the saints are great merciful. my son has gone mad. The saint should become merciful upon him and cure him from his madness. ||79||

आम्ही जरी असलों पापी । त्याने संकल्प करावा सुखरूपी । आम्हांस न कळतां उपदव्यापी । मिटवाव्या तेणें ॥८०॥
We may be sinful and evil. But why should the saint not resolve to make us happy ? In fact, it is the duty of the saints to ward off our problems and hard ships without our knowledge and by their own. ||80||

संताने मंत्र देताक्षणीं । आम्हांसि न्यावें उध्दरोनि । पाहूं नये अधिकार पडताळोनि । आमुचा त्यानें ॥८१॥
As soon as the saint initiates his `Gurumantra' upon us, we should be uplifted. The saint should not think of whether we are eligible and worthy of the favour of the saints or not. ||81||

तरीच त्यास संत म्हणावें । नाहीतरि त्या ढोंगी गणावें । आम्ही बोलतों हे चूक मानावें । कोण्या कारणें ? ॥८२॥
If the saints enact all as stated above, then they should be held as the true saints. otherwise they should be declared as the take and pretending liars. Why should our this opinion be held as wrong? ||82||

ऐसें जनाचें म्हणणें चाले । परि सांगा ऐसें कोठे झालें ? कोणत्या संताने केलें । सुखी समृध्द सर्वांलागी ? ॥८३॥
People go on saying so about the saints But tell me, has such thing happened anywhere? Has any saint made each and everyone wealthy and prosperous? ||83||

याचा विचार न करिती । चमत्कारासाठी मरमरती । काय संतांपाशी आहे भेदवृत्ति । इतरां शांति न द्याया ? ॥८४॥
People never think in this direction. They go dying after the miracles How can a real saint hold such an attitude of discrimination to make some persons fully contented and to ignore others by leaving them in disappointment? ||84||

साधुसंतचि मूल देती । तरि कां वांझ जगीं राहती ? संत धनवैभव अर्पिती । तरि भिकारी न दिसावे ॥८५॥
If the saints have mercy and give a child, why are there so many women existing who could not produce any child throughout their life? There are so many females who are barren. If the saints have power to provide money to all, no beggars would appear in this world. ||85||

संत बिमारी बसविती । मग बुवांचेहि कां प्राण जाती ? जगीं कोणीच ना मरती । ऐसें कां होऊं नये ? ॥८६॥
If the saints can cure diseases, why should they die? Why can't this happen that none should die and never should die? ||86||

संतांचा मंत्र कानीं पडे । उघडती मोक्षाचीं कवाडें । मग ऐसें कां न घडे । सर्व लोकीं सर्रास ? ॥८७॥
If the divine gates of emancipation come open for us only by listening to the words of Gurumantra uttered by any saint, why can't then all people seek emancipation easily and freely open for all? ||87||

त्यांच्या संकल्पेंचि सर्व होतें । तरि दु:खी कोणीहि न राहतें । काय तुम्हांविषयींच दुजाभाव ते । करिते कांही ? ॥८८॥
If everything could have been obtained only by the resolutions and the will power of the saints, there would have been none surfering from sorrows and miseries. Do you think that the saints hold the sense of alienness only for you? ||88||

जरि म्हणाला आमुच्या नशिबीं नाही । तरि प्रारब्धचि प्रधान होई । मग संतचमत्काराची राही । महिमा कोठे ? ॥८९॥
You say that as you are not fortunate enough, what can any saint do for you? Then it means that destiny is the most superior. Then where has the greatness of the miracles gone? ||89||

संत आपुल्यापरी झटोनि । सौख्य देती सर्वजनीं । सफलता त्यांच्या कार्यी बहुगुणी । परि तो नव्हे चमत्कार ॥९०॥
The saints work hard as much as they can and try to make others happy. There services and hard work get success in many ways. But this is not at all a miracle of those saints. ||90||

संतांच्या शुध्द हृदयांतूनि । अनुभवा येई निघाली वाणी । परि त्याचीहि कल्पना त्यांनी । केली नाही चमत्कारें ॥९१॥
It is true that when the saints utter words of their self experiences from their pure hearts, those words become frutiful. But the saints never hold it as their miracle. ||91||

मुंगीसि हत्तीचे ओझें जैसें । वाटे नवलाचें भलतिसें । परि तें सहज घडे शक्तिविकासें । संतकार्य तैसें वाटे जना ॥९२॥
an elephant carries tremendous burden very easily. When an ant sees this she gets greatly surprised. An elephant can do it due to the development of his physical strength. Similarly, the saints have got some spiritual powers developed and when people see the enactments performed by the saints, they get surprised. ||92||

त्यासि चमत्कार मानलिया । लोक विसरती कर्तव्यपाया । भजों लागती सकामपणें तयां । आंधळया भावें निष्क्रिय ॥९३॥
If the enactments performed by saints through the developemnt of their attributes are called as their miracles, people would then forget imparting their duties and without doing anything on their own, they will try to go after the saints blindly bearing some selfish motives and expectations in their minds. ||93||

म्हणोनि महत्त्व नको चमत्कारा । शोधावी सत्कार्य-परंपरा । ज्ञान आणि कार्यस्फूर्तीचा झरा । घ्यावा संत-जीवनांतूनि ॥९४॥
Therefore never give undue importance to the miracles. keep the noble tradition of performing good and noble deeds always alive. Take as many benefits as you can from the life and behaviour of the holy saints and seek inspiration to enact your duties in that way. ||94||

वस्तुत: मार्गदर्शनचि कार्य संतांचें । पुत्रधन देणें नव्हे साचें । बिमारी बसविणें हें वैद्याचें । काम आहे सर्वथा ॥९५॥
In fact, the life work of the saints is to show and lead common people on a proper way of life. It is not their duty to provide people with, child, money and whatever needs they come across. Curing a patient from any illness is the work of a doctor and physician and not of the saints. ||95||

संत अज्ञानरोगाचे वैद्य । जीवनविकासाचे सर्वाद्य । शुध्द कर्मांनी असती वंद्य । तिन्ही लोकीं ॥९६॥
Yes, the saints are the doctor's and physicians, but not to treat upon illness & diseases. They are the doctors to treat upon the disease of ignorance and to cure it. They are a model of how to shape up an ideal life as a real human. So they have been held in high esteem throughout the world due to their desirelessness and selfless services to all human beings. ||96||

त्यांचा एकचि चमत्कार । अल्पज्ञ जीव केला । विश्वाकार । सर्वांभूतीं देखिला ईश्वर । ठायीं ठीयीं याच डोळां ॥९७॥
If the saints enact any miracle, it's only this. the greatest miracle they enact is that they make a poor being, who has a very little and narrow intelect, the all perrasive and occupant of this whole universe. Then the enlightened being experiences only God and nothing else but god in all sides around it. This is the real miracle of the saints. ||97||

त्यांचें तेंवढें करणें जाणणें । या चमत्कारापुढे आकाश ठेंगणे । तेथे कोण पुसतो तुणतुणें । क्षुद्र सिध्दीचें वाजतांहि ॥९८॥
The saints enact this much only. But the enactment acted by them and the divine knowledge they possess are so enormously excellent and godly that even the sky may seem lower in their comparison. What value does then the dim ringing of a little harp of mean occults carry there? ||98||

संत सेवेचे अवतार । सर्वांभूतीं नम्र, सत्य व्यवहार । तयांसि देवहि मानी थोर । अन्य चमत्कार कासया ? ॥९९॥
The saints are the incarnations of service and dutifulness They maintain politeness and follow pure truth in all their practices and behaviour. They are even in behaving with all the living beings and they always behave with humility with all beings. Even Gods also holds them in a very high esteem. What need is there to show their miracles other than this? ||99||

साधूचा सरळ प्रेमळपणा । हा या जगीं चमत्कारचि जाणा । त्याने ’ अन्यहि मीच ’ म्हणावें आपणा । हा चमत्कार केवढा ! ॥१००॥
The simple and plain lovingness of the saints is itself the greatest miracle in this world. What the greatest and excellent miracle is this that the saint says, "This another being is not different & separate from me. It is my ownself in its form". ||100||

अहो ! सर्वांत मोठा चमत्कार । तो मानी ’ विश्वचि माझें घर ’ । त्यासाठी कष्टतो अहोरात्र । जीवें फार उल्हासें ॥१०१॥
The saint considers, "The entire universe is my home". This is their greatest miracle. For his universal home, the saint puts hard efforts with all his body and soul and that too with boundless enthusiasm. ||101||

उणें दिसे तें पूर्ण करी । जगाचा तोल बोधें सावरी । परंतु केल्याचा स्पर्शचि नसे अंतरीं । चमत्कारी संत ऐसे ॥१०२॥
Wherever he finds any shortage, he tries to fulfil it. He advocates with proper and righteous precept and maintains the balance of the world. Though he enacts all these enormous divine enactments, a sense of pride as `done by me' does not even touch his mind. These are the miracles of the saints. ||102||

मात्र संतचि सर्व कांही करी । आणि कर्तव्यचि नाही माणसावरि । ऐसी संतांची एकांगी थोरी । गाती तें नोहे उचित ॥१०३॥
People go on singing praises in admiration of the saints' greatness saying that the saints can do and undo anything. This praise of those saints is one sided. It is not befitting to the saints. ||103||

ऐसें गांवीं होऊं न द्यावें । जनासि सत्य ज्ञान कळावें । खर्‍या संतांसि ओळखावें । कर्तव्यासाठी ॥१०४॥
Never let this happen in your village. People should be given true knowledge and understanding. They should be taught to recognise the real saint and that too as an ideal before them for enacting their duties. ||104||

संतांचे विचित्र व्यवहार । तैसेचि त्यांचे चमत्कार । हें वगळोनि दावावा सत्य सार । ग्रामीण जनासि ॥१०५॥
Always set aside the miracles and the strange behaviour of the saints. convince the rural folks the real secret of the life of the saints and their heavenly divine deeds. ||105||

आपुला आपण उध्दार करावा । संतदेवांचा सहारा घ्यावा । हाचि संतग्रंथांचा गवगवा । चित्तीं धरावा सर्वांनी ॥१०६॥
Afterall, all of us have to seek our upliftment by our ownself. We may obtain the guiding principles from the saints and incarnations. For this, we should have to imbibe the greatness of the holy and noble saints and the scriptures they had produced. ||106||

यांतचि गांवाचें कल्याण । निघोनि जाईल दुबळेपण । कर्तव्य आपुलें जाणतील जन । तुकडया म्हणे करा ऐसें ॥१०७॥
(Vandaniya rashtrasant Tukadoji Maharaj says)," Here lies the welfare and the betterment of the village. It can remove the weakness of people and they will be very sincerely conscious about their duties. ||107||

इतिश्री ग्रामगीता ग्रंथ । गुरु-शास्त्र-स्वानुभव-संमत । संत-सामर्थ्य कथिलें येथ । एकतिसावा अध्याय संपूर्ण ॥१०८॥
This scripture Shreegraamgeeta has been consented by the Guru, shastras and self experiences. The Thirty first chapter, in which the powers of the saints in narrated is hereby concluded. ||108||