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Gram Geeta Adhyay - 10


एक सेवानुभवी श्रोता । गहिवर दाटोनिया चित्तां । म्हणे माझी ऐका शोककथा । एकदा कानीं ॥१॥
One of the listeners, who was a very honest village worker and very conscious for true service to the village came to me. In a choked voice due to emotional up surge, he began to tell me. "Listen, sir, to my bitter and sorrowful experiences which I had in rendering my true service to my village. ||1||

सेवावृत्तीने वागतां । ग्रामोध्दाराचें फळ ये हातां । लोकवशीकरणाचा सेवेपरता । मंत्र नसे कोणी ॥२॥
"It is true what ever you had told us. I am convinced that one can have a credit for rendering his true service to the people, and to achieve the all round progress and prosperity. There is no other better way to attract people towards us except extending our honest services to others. ||2||

हें आहे सर्वचि खरें । अनुभवासहि ये निर्धारें । परि काहीं लोक स्वार्थभरें । व्देषी होती सेवेचे ॥३॥
It is a fact and I have also had some good experience. But there are some persons in the village who always cherish selfishness. They secretly hold malice for this work out of their selfish motives." ||3||

त्यांत कांही विद्वान कांही श्रीमान । राजदरबारींहि कांहींचें वजन । त्यांना गांवाचें हवें पुढारीपण । स्वार्थासाठी जेथे तेथे ॥४॥
"Among such jealous persons, there are some wise learned and some are wealthy. Some others have a good impression and influence in the government offices and courts. They don't want to make anything good for the welfare of the village. On the contrary they yearn to have leadership of the village in every sphere to seek their own selfish purposes." ||4||

लोक राहावेत पंखाखाली । म्हणजे आपुली पोळी पिकली । म्हणोनि खेळती अनेक चाली । सोंग घेवोनि सेवेचें ॥५॥
"With such selfish motives, they want all people to be under their thumb. Under the disguise of the honest public worker, these selfish persons play crafty and wicked tricks in the village." ||5||

देती मिळवोनि दुर्मिळ सामान । कोणास कांही प्रलोभन । व्यसनी गुंडांस देती प्रोत्साहन । करिती संपादन प्रेम ऐसें ॥६॥
They provide the needy with the things which are not so easily available. They produce some baits to allure people. They encourage the ruffians and addicts and try to please them, and by such ways, they try to attract people towards them. ||6||

तेथे आमुची सेवा सगळी । प्रसंगीं होऊनि पडे दुबळी । जनता फसते भोळीभाळी ।  जाऊनि जाळीं तयांच्या ॥७॥
At such places, our service becomes feeble and useless. The simple and innocent people easily fall prey to their baits and get trapped in their wicked nets. ||7||

आमुच्या गांवीं हेंचि झालें । गांव सेवकांनी उत्तम केलें । परि पुढे दुर्भाग्य ओढवलें । याच मार्गे ॥८॥
The same ill-fate has struck our village. Our loyal true social worker had toiled hard and made our village the ideal one. But these sinful enactments have brought misfortune to our village and our once upon a time ideal village has now totally deteriorated. ||8||

सुंदर वेली लावल्या अंगणीं । घालोनिया परिश्रमाचें पाणी । फुलाफळांनी गेल्या बहरोनि । गगनभेदी ॥९॥
Some individual plants vines and creeping plants in his courtyard. He toils hard, provides water and manures to them regularly. The vines grow higher and higher kissing the skies and soon get flourished and thickly blossomed with fragrant beautiful flowers and fruits. ||9||

तैशांत सोसाटियाने आणावें वादळा । गळावा फळें फुलें पाचोळा । त्यांसवें वेलींचाहि चोळामेळा । व्हावा क्षणीं ॥१०॥
And unfortunately sudden strong storm appears with its full force and wipes away the beautiful leave, flowers & fruits. In a moment all the vines and plants get crushed and ruin to dust. ||10||

कैसें दु:खी न होईल मन । ज्याने वाढविलें करोनि जतन । गेलें घराचेंचि सुंदरपण । एकाएकीं ॥११॥
Then tell me, Sir, will not the mind of that individual suffer sorrow and agony? With all his heart and labour he had tended the plants; and all of a sudden the entire beauty of his house had been destroyed. What great pains he would have felt at that moment? ||11||

तैसें गांव नीतीने जतन केलें । मुलांबाळांसहि सांभाळिलें । परस्परांत प्रेम नांदलें । सेवागुणें खेळींमेळीं ॥१२॥
In the same way, because of that true and affectionate service of our loyal worker and because of his most noble and moral character, sincere love for each other was dwelling in our village. Our children were initiated with good rites attributes and moral impressions. A deep feeling of selfless love and satisfaction for each other had been developed in our villagers. ||12||

परि घुसले गांवचे भेदी । लाविली स्वार्थासाठी उपाधि । उगीदुगी करोनि भ्रमविली बुध्दि । पाडली फूट ॥१३॥
When our whole atmosphere was healthy and happy, some evil element in our village, who had a crumbling attitude created riotous wrangling in our smooth work. They created problems and disputes unnecessarily. They spread up evil thoughts and spoiled the consciousness of our people and thus they got success in dividing the villagers in fractions and rival groups. ||13||

सेवेचें सोंग उभें केलें । आपले स्तुतिपाठक घुसविले । वाईट झालें तें तें माथीं मारलें । खर्‍या सेवकांच्या ॥१४॥
They created false pretentions of true public servants. Secretly, they raised a team of some individuals to praise and canvass their glories in villagers. Enacting wrong deeds and evil practices by their ownselves, they defamed our loyal and dutiful worker by putting false changes and blames. ||14||

नथींतून जैसा मारावा तीर । तैसे असती बहादूर । परि गांव केला चकनाचूर । द्वैत पाडोनि ॥१५॥
They were clever enough to take aim and shoot through the nose-ring. (Natheetoon teer marane. Natha is an ornament of women to put in a tiny hole of one nostril. It is made by inter - weaving pearls in golden wire). They employed their wisdom and cleverness adversely in evil acts and thus successfully created a rift in our village. They have spoiled the whole atmosphere of our village. ||15||

नाना तर्‍हेचे वाद वितंड । नाना पक्षांचें माजविलें बंड । कधी आड कधी उघड । सुरू झालें कार्य त्यांचें ॥१६॥
Those wicked evil persons raised many disputes and quarrels. They created different political parties and groups, and raised riots and unrest in the village. Sometimes they openly stood to protest and sometimes they secretly conspired and enacted evil deeds. ||16||

गोंधळवोनि टाकिलें जनमना । झाला प्रेम-शक्तीचा धिंगाणा । जिकडे पाहावें तिकडे कल्पना । फुटीर वृत्तीच्या ॥१७॥
They purposefully confused the villager, minds and spread up misunderstanding among all. Their wrong canvassing ruined the concerning affection and love in our villagers and the villagers lost faith and affinity for each other. Everybody began to think of fissuring among others. ||17||

कांही सज्जनांनी गांव जमविलें । कांही गुंडानी गांव नाशविलें । नाना तर्‍हेचे तमाशे झाले । गांवीं आमुच्या ॥१८॥
There are a few wise and virtueous good individuals who had created unity and integrity in our village and there are some other evil and crafty individuals also, who had spread up goondaism and had destroyed the unity & integrity. They encouraged the innocent villagers by their riotous and harmful displays. ||18||

व्यक्तिस्वार्थ बोकाळला । जो तो मनाचा राजा झाला । वेगवेगळया प्रलोभनीं गुंतला । समाज सारा ॥१९॥
Everybody began to think of his own individual selfish gains. Everybody started to behave at his pleasure. Everybody in our society was involved and entangled in some kind of selfish enactment or other. ||19||

आमिषामाजी लपला गळ । परि माशासि दिसे आमिषचि केवळ । तैसे भ्रमिष्ट झाले लोक सकळ । प्रलोभनापायीं ॥२०॥
The fish can't notice the drug-hook inside the bait. It gets allured and attracted to the bait and rushes to it. In the same way all our villagers have got delusioned by the baits of some selfish gains. ||20||

कांही अतिनम्रता दाखविती । साहेबांचे जोडेहि पुसती । मनीं वासना वाईट धरती । अधिकारी व्हाया गांवाचा ॥२१॥
Some selfish individuals superficially show extreme politeness in their behaviour. But for their selfish gains, they actually rub and clean the shoes of the top most head in ruling authorities with evil intentions to acquire some power to rule over the village. ||21||

नाही कोणा सेवेचें भान । घालिती सत्तेसाठी थैमान । गांव केलें छिन्नभिन्न । निवडणुकी लढवोनि ॥२२॥
None of our villagers has a sense of true affection for others now. These wicked individuals are prompt in creating riots and confusion to seek some power by hook or crook. Playing evil and sly tricks and fighting elections, they have broken up the village into small pieces. || 22||

गांवीं होती निवडणुकी । माणसें होती परस्परांत साशंकी । कितीतरी पक्षोपक्षांनी दु:खी । व्यवहारामाजी ॥२३॥
At the time of elections, everybody becomes doubtful and deceitful towards each other. So many big and small political parties and groups have cropped up rapidly like mushrooms and they try to raise dangers in the daily routine of the villagers. They are bent upon taking revenge upon their rivals. ||23||

तैसीच येथे गति झाली । कोणी जातीयतेची कास धरिली । कुचेष्टा करोनि प्रतिष्ठा मिळविली । वचनें दिलीं हवीं तैसीं ॥२४॥
The same condition is prevailing in our village now. Some had created castism and gone by that way towards breaking away from the main stream of society. Some had purposefully tried to humiliate others with ridiculous tendencies. There were some individuals who displayed false pretensions of their greatness and showered mouthful assurances. ||24||

कांहीकांनी मेजवानी दिली । दारू पाजूनि मतें घेतलीं । भोळी जनता फसवोनि आणिली । मोटारींत घालोनिया ॥२५॥
On the day of polling in elections, some body arranged dinners and parties to gain votes. Some supplied wines and drinks. Many of them plied the cars. vehicles and vans to bring the innocent and simple minded public at the polling booths. ||25||

ऐसा सर्व प्रकार केला । गुंडगिरीने निवडून आला । म्हणे संधि मिळाली सेवकाला । सेवा करीन सर्वांहूनि ॥२६॥
In this way, applying all the good and bad means and illicit improper, illegal ways, creating goondaism, one such wicked selfish individual got him elected. He then began to tell people with awe, "I have got a chance to render my humble services to the public. Now I will serve you all more than anybody had done for you". ||26||

साधन ज्याचें मुळांत अशुध्द । त्याचा परिपाक कोठूनि शुध्द ? लोकां पोळोनि व्हावें समृध्द । गांवीं दुफळी माजवोनि ॥२७॥
In fact, all his ways and means to get elected were basically impure, improper and unfair. How could then such person's service be pure and stainless ? He created rifts and splits in people and started to exploit and squeeze them. ||27||

सत्तेसाठी हपापावें । वाटेल तैसें पाप करावें । जनशक्तीस पायीं तुडवावें । ऐसें चाले स्वार्थासाठी ॥२८॥
It has become a practice now to make ardant effort to come to power for selfish gains; for acquiring such power, all opt now crooked ways and means and commit sinful activities and finally tread upon the public power and crush it under their foot. ||28||

याने गांवाची होय दुर्दशा । मतमतांतराचा वाढे तमाशा । सज्जनांची होय निराशा । मरणापरी ॥२९॥
All these practices have disturbed the neat fold of the village and a clamorous out cry of difference of opinions has spread in our villagers. The meek and miserable good virtueous people have got completely disappointed and they feel such a shame and disgrace that they now prefer death to such condition. ||29||

आतां सांगा काय करावें ? कासयाने गांव सुधारावें ? जें जें होईल तें तें पाहावें । ऐसें वाटे निराशपणें ॥३०॥
Sir ! now you please tell us what we should do in such spoiled & poisoned circumstances. What can be done to reset the disturbed fold of our village? Now we all have become so much frustrated and disappointed that we have decided to sit inactively & silently and be a mute & meek witness to whatever worst might happen in future. ||30||

ऐसा श्रोतयाने प्रश्न केला । मीं तो मनापासोनि ऐकला । मित्रहो ! उपाययोजना तुम्हांला । सांगतों माझेपरीं ॥३१॥
Very attentively, I listened to the acute problems of the listener. Now friend ! I'll tell you a solution of this problem according to my experiences & abilities. ||31||

परिस्थिती ही साचचि आहे । परि निराश होणें काम नोहे । दुर्जनांचें बळ वाढाया हे । कारण होई निराशा ॥३२॥
The condition of your village, as you have described, is really true. But it will not be appropriate to sit meekly and mutely in such disappointment. If the virtueous and sensible wise people like you lose their hearts, the evil and wicked element will become more powerful and insolent. ||32||

आपणांस काय करणें । ऐसे बोलती लोक शहाणे । तरि समजावें गांव या गुणाने । नष्ट होईल सर्वस्वीं ॥३३॥
If the discerning wise individuals disappointedly say, "what have we to do with the deterioration of the village ?", then take it for granted that their such neglecting and negative tendency will lead the village to its total destruction. ||33||

मग तो मुखंडहि नव्हे । ऐसें कां न समजावें ? निर्धाराने प्रयत्न करावे । सर्व मिळोनि जाणत्यांनी ॥३४॥
The person, saying so, may be the head of the village; but due such negative reasoning, he is not a proper person to become the head of the village. Therefore, all the conscious and wise individuals in the village should come together with firm & resolute minds to try hard. They should bring all other villagers together for their help. ||34||

ऐसें असावें धोरण । तेंचि कार्यकर्त्यांसि भूषण । गांव निर्मावया आपुले प्राण । पणा लावावे ॥३५॥
The policy of united and organised efforts of the wise and intelletual virtueous persons is truely the adornment of the true social workers. Therefore with all life forces at stake, he and the sensible wise people should exert their efforts. ||35||

विरोध येतां बसावें घरांत । ऐसें नोहे सेवेचें व्रत । गंगा घाबरती पाहोनि पर्वत । तरी सागरा न मिळती ॥३६॥
When you get scared of the strong opposition and adversities standing in your way, and you disappointedly give up your work, become mute and meek witness to it and sit silently at home, it will not befitting to the vow of service. If the Ganga had been frightenced to see the great himalayas in its way, it could not have reached the ocean and become one with it. ||36||

कोरडया हौदामाजीं तरावें । याने गौरव कोणा पावे ? पुरांच्या लाटांतूनि पोहूनि जावें । यांतचि वैशिष्टय आपुलें ॥३७॥
Can anybody swim in the dry empty tank? And if anybody tries to do it, who will admire such swimmer? When he bravely and dauntlessly swims across the fully flooded river, then he can be admired by all and can be honoured as `the hero'. ||37||

म्हणोनि कर्तव्य सांभाळावें । गांवशील जतन करावें । सोसाटयाने झडपूं न द्यावें । गांवचें कोणी ॥३८॥
Therefore with all your abilities and skills, you all most maintain the unity and integrity of your village. Use all your forces not to allow any villagers to stray away by the strong winds of the rowdy parties and groups. ||38||

ग्रामसेवाचि ईश्वर-सेवा । ऐसें समजावोनि जीवा । गांव सेवेसि तत्पर करावा । सर्वतोपरीं ॥३९॥
Convince the people the truth that service to the village is the service to the God. Encourage them to become promptly prepared to render their services with united hands. ||39||

नि:पक्षपणें बौध्दिकें द्यावीं । सर्वांची समजून पटवावी । बुध्दि गांवाची सांभाळावी । प्रचाराद्वारें ॥४०॥
Without any partiality and discrimination, try to convince the villagers the importance of organisation and create the balanced awareness and consciousness in them with proper canvassing and discourses. Be cautious and alert in not allowing any tendencies of cleavage. ||40||

जनजागृति झालियाविण । न संपेल गांवाचें दैन्य । दृष्टि येतां लोकांसि, दुर्जन । मेख गडवूं न शकती ॥४१॥
Unless you awake people, no good work can be performed by them. Their depression would not be wiped out. When people form an outlook and a vision for the principle of organisation, the evil and wicked (the village destroyers) can't have a place for foothold. ||41||

या कार्यासि मिळावी जोड । म्हणोनि हातीं कांही मुखंड । तेणें शक्ति लाभे तोडीस तोड । पटती फिके ग्रामशत्रु ॥४२॥
To have a support for your sublime work for the welfare of the village, take up the co-operation of some respectable eminent heads in the village. That will add to increase the strength of organisation and it will be helpful in counter blasting the rift creaters in your village. ||42||

असो नसो साथ सत्तेचा । सहयोग मिळवावा सज्जनांचा । जनसेवकांनी ग्रामराज्याचा । पाया रचावा सत्यावरि ॥४३॥
Then don't care whether you get a support from the ruling power or not. But, you must seek every co-operation from the virtueous, pious, impartial and saatwik saintly individuals. The social workers should erect the kingdom of their village on the sound foundation of inhering of truth. ||43||

ज्यांना ज्यांना न्यायाची चाड । आणि गांव-सेवेची आवड । त्यांचीच संघटना व्हावी दृढ । करावी वाढ दिसंदिस ॥४४॥
All such villagers, who have a respect and sense of shame for justice and morality and who have a true desire for the all sided development of the village, should be brought together and with their co-operation, a firm and strong organisation should be built up and day by day it should be developed more and more. ||44||

जाणता दिसेल तो निवडावा । जिव्हाळयाचा पुरुष वेचावा । थोरांचिया नेतृत्वें चालवावा । कारभार ग्रामोन्नतीचा ॥४५॥
Try to search out the worker having a great concern and affection for village work; from amongst the villagers. Make him your co-partner or a co-worker in the organisation. You have to get the great task done through the co-operation of such great and noble minded individuals. Then you can make the village the ideal one. ||45||

श्रोता म्हणे तेंहि झालें । महाप्रयासें सज्जन जमविले । परंतु एकदा चुकलें । तें सुधरेचना की ॥४६॥
Upon this, the listener said, "yes, we had already tried it as you have just told us. With great efforts, we brought up the virtueous and righteous gentlemen together. But the situations once had spoiled and impaired couldn't have been repaired though we had tried in each and every way. ||46||

अहो ! एक कमेटी बसली । गांवीं सुंदरता आणाया भली । म्हणे पाहिजे निवडणूक केली । पुढार्‍यासाठी ॥४७॥
Sir! A committee was set up consisting of some people to draw out a plan for making a fair reformation of the village. It decided to hold an election and to choose the leader for implementing the plan. ||47||

कोण गांवाचा पुढारी ठरवावा ? आधी मान कोणास द्यावा ? कोणाच्या हातें चालवावा । कारभार गांव-सेवेचा ? ॥४८॥
Because, (without election) how can it be decided who would hold the reins of the work as the leader? who should be preferred for this honour? who should run and manage the activities for village reformation? ||48||

म्हणोनि निवडणूक ठरविली । ती जणुं आगींत बारूद पडली । अथवा राकेलाची टाकीच ओतली । अग्निमाजी ॥४९॥
Therefore it was decided to hold election to elect the head to implement the improvement plan. But this election proved so fateful that it was like throwing gun powder into fire, or like pouring the tank of kerosine into fire. || 49 ||

तेणें जाहला अग्निबंबाळ । मतामतांचा हलकल्लोळ । एकमेकासि पाहती महाकाळ । शहाणे गडी ॥५०॥
A tremendous blaze of fire of different opinions wrapped the whole village. Even the wise and sensible individuals also began to hate each other intensively. || 50 ||

जो तो म्हणे मीच शहाणा । कोणीच कोणाचें ऐकेना । अरे ! तोबातोबा ! आरडाओरडांना । सुमारचि नाही ॥५१॥
Each and everybody began to claim that he was the only wisest and the perfect choice for this work. Nobody was ready to listen to a word of others. O God ! what a climax of the clamourous fury it was. The shouting, yelling, abusing, noisy accusations flooded beyond all limits. ||51||

घरोघरीं मारामारी । बायको उठूनि नवर्‍यासि मारी । मुलें म्हणती आम्ही शहाणे भारी । पुस्तकें सारीं शिकलों की ॥५२॥
This clamour reached each house and every house became an arena for fighting. It raised to such a climax that wife also had beaten her husband. The educated children began to boast sayng, "we have learnt more than you". ||52||

कोण पुढारी समजावा ? विचार झाला सगळया गांवा । एकएकाच्या न मिळे भावा । सांगा काय करावें ? ॥५३॥
In such unending disruption, beyond control, the villagers were confused. They could not decide whom they should hold as their leader. Sir, such a chaotic situation has prevailed here. Now tell us, what can be done to overcome it? ||53||

श्रोतयाचा हा अनुभव । येत आहे गांवोगांव । परंतु येथे मुळांतचि ठेव । चुकली सारी ॥५४॥
The bitter experiences as described by the listeners are very commonly existing in every village. The reason for this confusion is, that there is something basically wrong at the very beginning of the work. ||54 ||

गढूळ पाणी ढवळों जातां । घाणचि उफाळोनि ये हातां । जेथे सेवेची नाही आत्मीयता । तेथे गोंधळ सहजचि ॥५५॥
If muddy water is disturbed by churning, only the dirt will come up. Similarly if there is the lack of true desire to serve, naturally such clamourous confusion will prevail there. ||55||

यासाठी आधी सेवाभावी । लोकांचीच संघटना व्हावी । तेथे रीघचि नसावी । अन्य कोणासि ॥५६॥
To avoid all this storm of rowdism, first of all, the true and sincere affectionate individuals should be united and organised together. Any individual having vicious inclinations must not find room there. ||56||

गांवांतील एकेक सज्जन । शोदूनि घ्यावे त्यासि जोडून । सेवाभावी मंडळचि संपूर्ण । तयार करावें प्रयत्नें ॥५७॥
Make a search for every good & virtueous individual from the villagers. Form a circle of all such individuals who have sincere awareness and sense of duties towards the service to people. ||57||

त्याचें प्रामाणिक सत्कार्य । लोकांपुढे येतां निर्भय । आपोआपचि होईल निश्चय । लागेल सोय गांवासि ॥५८॥
When people find the impartial practices of this circle and the actual creative work done by it, dauntlessly, they will have a confidence in the circle and (they will also come forward to help this circle in their efforts), the work to improve the village will grow more and more. ||58||

सेवेची ही नैतिक सत्ता । वजन मिळवील गांवहिता मग कोणी विरोध तत्त्वता । न टिके तेथे ॥५९॥
This power of morality of the truth behind the service to the people (and not the power of any law) will ultimately create a good and deep impression upon people's mind. Then no opposition can stand in the way of the service to improve and uplift the village. ||59||

टाकूनि दाब कोणावरि । लालुच दावूनि करिती फितुरी । विघ्नें आणिती सत्कार्यावरि । होतील दुरी ते सर्व ॥६०॥
Then all those wicked and evil rogues, who try to bring pressure upon people, allure them by conspiracy cannot create unnecessary troubles and problems in the smooth running of the honest service to the village. They would soon become feeble and lacklustered. They cannot pull on their vicious practices any more. ||60||

सेवासंघटनेचा प्रमुख । तो निवडोनि देतां चोख । हळुहळू गांव होईल सुरेख । सर्वतोपरीं ॥६१॥
When a capable and active leader from among all such conscious service minded workers is chosen to lead the organisation in rendering the excellent services, slowly and gradually your village will develop with all sided improvement. ||61||

श्रोता म्हणे ठीक हें सारें । परि गांवीं आलें निवडणुकीचें वारें । तेणें गांव आमचें भरीं भरे । भलतैशाचि ॥६२॥
Upon this, the listener said, "All this as you have told us is true. But once the strong winds of election tempo begins to blow forcibly, our village runs after any body without considering whether he is truthful or a liar ||62||

स्वार्थापायीं सेवा-विरोध । करणारे जे गांवचे मैंद । ते नाना मार्गे करिती बुध्दिभेद । जनतेचा तयेवेळीं ॥६३॥
Those, who stand to oppose against the sincere and truthful service activities only to fulfil their own selfish motives, start their cunning and wicked practices secretly. They try to create dissension among the common innocent people with their crafty intellect. ||63||

तेथे आम्हीं काय करावें ? गांव कैसे सुधारावें ? याचें समाधान ऐकावें । श्रोतेजनीं ॥६४॥
(The listener said), "under such circumstances, sir, what can we do to keep our services going on ?" O Listeners ! listen to the solution of this doubt now. ||64||

सांगितलें ते साचचि आहे । गांवोगांवीं अनुभवा ये । यासाठी सरळ दावावी सोय । विचाराने गांवलोकां ॥६५॥
The situation as described by you is real and true. The same situation is prevailing in all villages. Now it is necessary to convince the villagers about the proper and straight way to avoid this condition. ||65||

निवडणुकीची चालू प्रथा । हीच मुळीं सदोष पाहतां । म्हणोनि योग्य दृष्टि द्यावी समस्ता । गांववासियां ॥६६॥
The present system and procedure of the elections is totally wrong and full of many faults and flaws. So the villagers should be given a right and convincing sight towards the election system. ||66||

जीवनाची जबाबदारी । किती आहे निवडणुकीवरि । हें पटवोनि निवडणूक खरी । करवावी न गोंधळता ॥६७॥
Because many aspects of our future life depend upon the elections now. First this important thought be well convinced to people and then without any doubts and confusion (with clear consciousness) the election should be held. ||67||

विचार केलिया हळूहळू । आपैसाचि मार्ग ये कळूं । निवडणुकीचें तत्त्व जातां आकळूं । मिटेल गोंधळ सहजचि ॥६८॥
If you think over it with peaceful mind, you can understand the truth and then easily you can understand the right and proper way of election. All can then follow the right path without any doubts and confusion. ||68||

अहो ! पुढारीपण कशाला ? सेवा गांवाची करावयाला । मग सेवेची कसोटी लावा कीं आपुला । समजेल पुढारी कोण तो ॥६९॥
If the public worker is really true and honest in his enactments to serve the village, why does he feel the need of leadership of the village ? But if you want to choose the perfect person as your leader, put up a test for it. The main norms for such test should be the loyalty and dutifulness of the social worker. You can then find out a right person without any efforts. ||69||

कोण गांवासाठी झटे । कोण उठतो रोज पहाटे । घेऊनि हातामाजीं खराटे । झाडतो कोण ॥७०॥
(To find out a perfect loyal and dutiful worker, watch carefully). A) who takes pains in extracting service to the village with hard efforts. B) who gets up early in the morning and taking the broom, who sweaps and cleans the villages. ||70|| (Contd.)

साध्या राहणीने दिवसभरि । कोण गरीबाचें काम करी । कोण पायीं फिरोन करी वारी । गांवाची आमुच्या ॥७१॥
C) who maintains his daily life style very simple, pure and virtueous D) who attends to the activities during the whole day and works for the poor who have hardships and needs E) who goes on foot enquiring about the poor and miserables as well as about the total condition of the village. ||71||

कोण नीतीने असे चांगला । पक्षपात न आवडे कोणाला । छदामासि नसे लाजीम झाला । गांव-निधीच्या ॥७२॥
F) who bears a good moral character G) who doesn't have partial and discriminating tendency H) who has not the single slightest tarnishing dot of misappropriation of public funds. ||72||

कोण सर्वांचें पाहतो सुख:दुख । कोणाचें दिसे सेवेंसाठी मुख । हीच त्याची जाणावी ओळख । निवडावया ॥७३॥
I) who personally participates in the sorrows and joys of the villagers J) who comes promptly forward and is ever ready for the service to the village. These are the true norms to choose a perfect leader. ||73||

किंवा सकळांना सांगा काम । सोडा हुकूम आपुला बेफाम । कोण पहा न करितां आराम । काम करी गांवाचें ॥७४॥
Or start some big project for the welfare of the village. Give a challenging call to all to come forward and to toil hard to fulfil that project. See who readily comes forward and forgetting his personal sorrows & happiness, who does not care for his own comforts who hurls himself to vender his hand toiling efforts constantly. (without any break for rest). ||74||

मग तोचि म्हणावा पुढारी । आंधळाहि त्याची निवड करी । येथे कासयास ही टिमकी भरजरी । जाहिरातींची ? ॥७५॥
The worker, who successfully proves befitting to these norms of test is worthy of becoming the leader of the village. Then even the blind will also choose such worker. What need is there for the gaudy display of advertisement and canvassing for getting elected in the elections? ||75||

गांवचा जो प्रत्येक घटक । त्यासि ठाऊक असावा माणूस एकेक । कोण चुकार, कोण सेवक । चालक कोण ? ॥७६॥
Every villager in the village must know well every individual villager. They must have full knowledge about who is a work shirker, who holds a deep sense and true desire to serve the village and who is managing the activities of the improvement by taking care for all around him. ||76||

कोण गांवाची सेवा करतो । कोण प्रतिष्ठेसाठी मिरवितो । सांगावा प्रसंग येतां स्पष्ट तो । गांवामाजी ॥७७॥
All of the villagers must know who really and dutifully renders his services to the villages, who, only for his honours and status, extracts all efforts. All should have well acquaintance of everybody's temperaments and traits and when the time comes, people should fearlessly disclose the name of the individual in a very clear manner. ||77||

तेथे नसावी लाजशरम । त्याने बिघडेल गांवाचें काम । म्हणोनि सर्वांनी द्यावें त्याचेंच नाम । न गोंधळतां ॥७८॥
Nobody should feel any shame or hesitation in proposing his name for the leadership. If they don't do so for any reason or other, the good work of the village will be spoiled. ||78||

ज्यासि गांवाचा जिव्हाळा । जो कार्यज्ञानाचा पुतळा । तोचि सुखी करील गांव सगळा । निवडोनि देतां ॥७९॥
The worker, who really cherishes a great concern and affinity for the village, who possesses full knowledge of the work of upliftment and improvement of the village and who is very skillful in implementing the schemes properly, should be elected as the leader by all hands. He can only make the village happy. ||79||

ऐसें न करतां भांडणें माजती । गांवची होईल अनावर स्थिति । मग फावेल स्वार्थीजनाप्रति । सज्जन राहती वेगळेचि ॥८०॥
But if you fail to elect such perfect, sincere and loyal person as your leader, there will be quarrel some and riotous display (tamasha) in the village and the selfish element will have a chance to create turmoil. The good
virtueous individuals will prefer to keep themselves away. ||80||

यासाठी उत्तम गुणी निवडावा । ज्याची सर्व करिती वाहवा ! गांवाचा बागडोर त्यासि द्यावा । आपुला पुढारी म्हणोनिया ॥८१॥
To avoid all this unwanted and harmful chaotic condition, the worker, who is moral and virtueous, who is loved by all villagers should be handed over the reins of the activities. He should be chosen as their leader. ||81||

नाहीतरि गांवचे म्हणविती पुढारी । दांत बसला सवाई-दिढीवरि । आपण होऊनि वाघापरी । गांव मारिती उपवासी ॥८२॥
Otherwise, there are selfish people, who call themselves the true leader of the village. But they run a money lending business. They give loans to the villagers at the higher rates of interest, excess by one plus one fourth or by one and one half. They sqeeze the poor ignorant villagers; and very cruelly they make people starve. ||82||

कांही लोक भाषणें करिती । बोलूनि पक्षभेद पाडिती । जुळल्यांची तोडूनि मति । भरती करिती झगडयांची ॥८३॥
Some individuals deliver speeches to create rift in the people. They try to create quarrels, disputes and struggles in people who have harmony and affection for each other. ||83||

ऐसा नकोच पुढारी । ज्याने नाही केली कर्तबगारी । तो मित्र नव्हे, वैरी । समजतों आम्ही ॥८४॥
We don't want such individual as our leader, who has not done anything good for the welfare of the village. We don't consider him as our friend. We treat him to be the enemy of the village. ||84||

ज्याने केलें असेल उन्नत ग्राम । अथवा समुदायाचें आदर्श काम । तोचि बोलण्याचा अधिकारी उत्तम । समजतों आम्ही ॥८५॥
We hold a very clear opinion that if any person has willingly rendered hard work with all his abilities and helped in uplifting the village and raised some public project he has a right to advise and deliver speeches upon village improvement. ||85||

एरव्ही पैशाचे मिळाले तीन । देती भरभरा भाषण । न बसावें कोणाचेंहि मन । तयांवरि ॥८६॥
Otherwise, there are such leaders, available three for one pice, who are very skilful only in delivering lectures. They go on speaking and speaking more but straining least physically, they don't extract hard work. Nobody should believe in them. || 86 ||

ऐसे पुढारेपण जेथे दिसे । गांवाने लावूनि न घ्यावें पिसें । जो इमानदार सेवक असे । तोचि समजावा गांवधनी ॥८७॥
If you find such (evil and crafty) leadership in anybody, remember, he is no less than a ghost and nobody should allow this ghost to ensue him. If the worker seems to be honestly and selflessly rendering services to the village, leaving no stone unturned, he should be held with high esteem as the lord of the village. ||87||

बोलणें एक चालणें एक । लपविणें एक दाखविणें एक । हें गांवासि होईल घातक । समजावें श्रोतीं ॥८८॥
Friends ! If anybody holds something different in mind but speaks out otherwise, if he hides something and displays exactly contrary to it, if he secretly acts a crafty conspiracy, he will surely inter the village in a deep pit. Remember this well. ||88||

भिडेखातरहि विष खादलें । किंवा चोरूनिहि सर्पा दूध पाजलें । वाघाशीं सोईरपणहि संपादलें । तरी नाश होईल निश्चयें ॥८९॥
If due to regards or hesitance, you take poison, if you give milk to a snake stealthily or secretely or if you develop a close relationship with a tiger, all these acts will finally destroy you. ||89||

ऐसें न करावें वर्तन । असतील जे इमानदार सेवकजन । तेचि द्यावेत निवडोन । एकमतें सर्वांनी ॥९०॥
So, avoid this wisely. Choose a perfect and worthy leader by all hands from among the honest, true and dutiful workers in your village. ||90||

सर्वांस असावी चिंता समाजीं । कोण आहे लायक जनामाजी । कोण घेई गांवाची काळजी । सर्वकाळ ॥९१॥
The village society must have a careful watch to find out the proper and eligible person from among the villagers to become the leader of the village. They should recognise who really cherishes a deep concern and care for the village constantly. ||91||

तोचि करावा पुढारी । एरव्ही पडों नये कुणाच्याहि आहारी । धन वेचतो म्हणोनि गांवाधिकारी । करूं नये कोणासि ॥९२॥
Such worker should be chosen as your leader. You must not fall into the grip of any other for any reason. Though some rich man generously contributes for the social work, he should not be considered worthy of being the leader only because of the huge amount contributed by him. ||92||

पुढारीपण सेवेनेच मिळे । हेंचि बोलावें मिळोनि सगळे । तेथे पक्षबाजीचे चाळे । वाढोंचि न द्यावे ॥९३॥
The villagers should make it very clear and should frankly speak out that the leadership is to be sought only by honest and truthful service to the village (and not by any other means). There should be no other factors for consideration like the empty vaunting of the political parties or groups. ||93||

नातीं गोतीं पक्ष-पंथ । जातपात गरीब-श्रीमंत । देवघेव भीडमुर्वत । यासाठी मत देऊंचि नये ॥९४॥
While polling at the election for the leader, no importance of consideration should be given to such factors as the personal kith and kinship, parties and sects, castes and tribes, the poor or the rich, gains or losses, undue regard or favour etc. ||94||

भवितव्य गांव अथवा राष्ट्राचें । आपुल्या मतावरीच साचें । एकेक मत लाख मोलाचें । ओळखावें याचें महिमान ॥९५॥
You must remember well, the good or bad future of the village or the nation entirely depends upon your votes. Each vote of every individual bears a value of lakhs & crores. So while polling, you should recognise the great power and value of your vote consciously and cast your vote in the elections. ||95||

मत हें दुधारी तलवार । उपयोग न केला बरोबर । तरि आपलाचि उलटतो वार । आपणावर शेवटीं ॥९६॥
Your `vote' is like a sword having sharp edges at both the sides. So it should be used very carefully in a proper way. Then only it can be useful to protect you otherwise our stroke in a wrong way may kill ourself. ||96||

दुर्जन होतील शिरजोर । आपुल्या मताचा मिळतां आधार । सर्व गांवास करितील जर्जर । न देतां सत्पात्रीं मतदान ॥९७॥
If evil and wicked candidate gets elected on the support of your vote, he will become turbulent after getting elected. He will make the whole village run here and there to save themselves from his wicked trouble shooting and insolent enactments. The only reason behind this condition is the wrong voting done by you to elect a wrong person. ||97||

मतदान नव्हे करमणूक । निवडणूक नव्हे बाजार-चुणूक । निवडणूक ही संधि अचूक । भवितव्याची ॥९८॥
Therefore never consider that casting vote at the election is the kind of entertainment and the election is a fun fair to satisfy our hobbies. It is a right chance for shaping the excellent and brilliant future of your village. ||98||

निवडणूक जणुं स्वयंवर । ज्या हातीं देणें जीवनाचे बागडोर । त्यासि लावावी कसोटी सुंदर । सावधपणें ॥९९॥
Treat the election as important as the `Swayamwara' in which the bride makes a choice of a perfect match for her husband as her life parther. Likewise, people will have to elect their leader at the election by alertness, thoughtful considerations and hard test. They should bear clearly in their minds while casting votes that the elected candidate is to hold the reins of the welfare activities for the upliftment of their village. ||99||

फोड चोखाया लावोनि जैसे । शिष्य निवडिले रामदासें । मृत्यूच्या कसोटीवरि पाहणें तैसें । गुरु गोविंदसिंहाचें ॥१००॥
Samartha Ramdaas wanted to test the loyalty of his disciples. He asked all of them to suck the pustule on his knee by their mouth. In this way he chose the mot loyal and trusted follower. Guru Govindsinha, the divine head of the sikh, challenged all his disciples to get ready to offer their lives and to accept death. Thus he chose out his faithful and loyal disciples. ||100||

गडी पळावयासि लागले । कोण थकले कोण बाद झाले । कोणाचे नंबर पुढे आले । सहजचि कळे या रीतीं ॥१०१॥
When the runners start running in a race all can easily find out who is running ahead of all, who are tired, who are losing the race and who is winning it. ||101||

तैसेंचि आहे निवडणुकीचें । कामचि पाहावें सगळयांनी त्यांचें । ज्याचें काम अधिक मोलाचें । तोचि निवडावा मुख्य ऐसा ॥१०२॥
Similar is the case of elections. Apply the hard test upon the candidate by the norms as who has been rendering the most valuable and essential services to the people. Such candidate should be elected as their chief leader. ||102||

ऐसें सकळां पटवोनि द्यावें । तेणें गोंधळ मिटती आघवे । कार्यकर्त्यासीच संधि पावे । ऐसें होतें यायोगें ॥१०३॥
All the villagers must understand fully well this principle while electing their leader. Automatically all confusion will subside and the real ideal worker will get a chance to render better services to the village & the people as their perfect leader. ||103||

मग त्याचेंचि म्हणणें ऐकावें । सगळें गांव पुन्हा जमवावें । बाष्कळ बोले त्यास दाटोनि द्यावें । गांवकर्‍यांनी ॥१०४॥
Then all the villagers should follow him and listen only to his guidance. All should be brought together and should be organised. If any scampish individual contentiously runs riot, all of the villagers must scold and warn him and make his prating tongue silent. ||104||

ऐसें झालें की झाली संघटना । लागली सुरूं गांव-सुधारणा । झाला मुलामाणसांचा बाग पुन्हा । जिताजागता प्रेमळपणें ॥१०५॥
When all such set up is formed, it means that a good organisation has taken a shape. Then the activities of improvement will have a good start. The live and cheeful garden of the gayful children, men and women will flourish and blossom with love and delight. ||105||

तेथे नवनवीं योजना-फुलें । विकसोनि देतील गोड फलें । ग्रामराज्याचें स्वप्नहि भलें । मूर्त होईल त्या गांवीं ॥१०६॥
Then new schemes and ideal plans will blossom and all the villagers will taste the sweet fruits of them. The newly eracted pleasant dream of the ideal `GRAAM RAAJYA' (The village rule) will come into reality and in a concrete form. ||106||

कोणी उडवूं लागे धुरळा । तरि तो त्याचेचि जाईल डोळां । सुखें नांदेल गांव सगळा । तुकडया म्हणें ॥१०७॥
In such a healthy atmosphere, if anybody tries to blow up the dust of his vicious motives, it will penetrate his own eyes and harm him. The whole village will dwell in happiness and satisfaction with love and affection. (Says so Shrisant Tukadojee Mahaaraj). ||107||

इतिश्री ग्रामगीता ग्रंथ । गुरु-शास्त्र-स्वानुभव-संमत । कथिला ग्रामराज्याचा निर्वाचन-पथ । दहावा अध्याय संपूर्ण ॥१०८॥
This scripture Graam geeta has been consented by all the three experiences. The tenth chapter of this scripture, dealing with the ideal way for election with the view of creating the village rule(Graam rajya) is hereby concluded. ||108||

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