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Gram Geeta Adhyay - 15


एका श्रोतियाने प्रश्न केला । दुधाचा तर दुष्काळचि पडला । कुठलें ताकलोणी सकळांला । गोमातेचें ? ॥१॥
Some listener asked, "At present, there is an acute scarcity of milk. How can then all have milk, buttermilk and butter of mothercow?" ||1||

दूध देणारे लबाडी करिती । म्हशीच्या दुधांत पाणी घालती । गायीचें म्हणोन विकती । अधिक भाव घेवोनि ॥२॥
Milk sellers and the dairy men have become very cunning. They add water to the milk of beffeloes and sell it as cow-milk. They charge a higher rate for such adulterated milk. ||2||

कोठे गायी राहिल्या आता ? तुरळक दिसती विकतां वाचतां । वधती चपलाजोडयांकरिता । वासरेंहि करोडो ॥३॥
Where do we have cows now? Not only cows but crores of calves also are slaughtered in slaughter-houses for making foot wears from their hide. If some of those could survive, they seem to be sold somewhere. ||3||

गोपालांचा देश भारत । आला गायीगुरें पूजीत । परंतु गायी झाल्या खात । लक्षचि नाही तयांकडे ॥४॥
From the long long past India had been recognised as the country of cow-keepers. Till now, our country has been worshipping cow as deity. But now cows are fastly destroyed. Nobody pays any attention to it. ||4||

त्यांतील कांही कसाब घेती । कांही दुसरीकडे नेती । उरल्या त्या कचरा असती । गायी सार्‍या ॥५॥
Out of those cows, some are bought by butchers. Some are taken away elsewhere. The remaining cows are not of any use and have no value like the rubbish or filth. ||5||

चारापाणी अति महाग । नाही व्यवस्थेसाठी मार्ग । मानवचि अर्धपोटी, मग । गायी कैशा पाळाव्या ? ॥६॥
Today fodder has become very dear and costly. We have no other good way to take care of cows. At present, man has to live halfstarved, how can he keep and maintain cows? ||6||

ऐकोनि त्याचें विशद विवरण । म्हणालों तुमचें म्हणणें मान्य । परि यांत आपुलाचि संपूर्ण । दोष आहे ॥७॥
Listeners! what you have spoken about the condition of cows is true and I agree with you. But, remember, It is totally due to our fault. We are responsible for this condition. ||7||

भारत कृषिप्रधान देश । शेतीसाठी हवा गोवंश । गोरसा इतुका नसे सत्वांश । अन्यत्र शुध्द ॥८॥
Bharat is an agricultural land where agriculture is our main and basic profession. Our agriculture needs bullocks produced by cows. Secondly, the milk of cow contains such excellently nourishing pith that hardly any other edibles contain. ||8||

म्हणोनि गोवंश सुखी होता । तोंवरि नव्हती दरिद्रता । नव्हती ऐसी विपुलता । रोगराईची ॥९॥
So long as the condition of cow-clan was better, people didn't even know what does the poverty mean. There were no diseases and sicknesses as variously and lamely have cropped up and spread now. ||9||

गोमय गोमूत्र मिळोनि रात्रंदिस । कायम होता भूमीचा कस । पेवें भरती गांवागांवास । धान्याचीं तेव्हा ॥१०॥
In the past, as the cow dung and urine had been available on a tremendously large scale, the productive essence and strength of the land could have been survived. So the land used to yield such a bumper crop that the barns of the village had always been brimful with food grains. ||10||

भूमि आणि जनावरें । हींच उत्पत्तीचीं कोठारें । एकाचीं अनेक होतीं खिल्लारें । जोडधंदा हा घरोघरीं ॥११॥
Land and animals provided enormous production. One cow produces so many heifers and calves and soon the cowkeeper can have herds of cows. Every house, in the past, used to keep cows because it had become a secondary and complementary business to their main agriculture profession. ||11||

घरोघरीं दूधदुभतें । अन्नधान्यासि सहायक तें । आबालवृध्द राहत होते । सशक्त आणि निरोगी ॥१२॥
In each and every house, daily food in meals had a good supporting complement of milk, curd, butter etc.It was a very nutritious addition to edibles. So all from the infants to the aged old members of family had always enjoyed strong, energetic and healthy lives. ||12||

म्हणोनि गायीगुरां ’ गोधन ’ । ऐसें सत्य नामाभिधान । सुखी होता भारत संपूर्ण । गोवंशा सुखवोनिया ॥१३॥
Therefore in the past, the cows and cattle had been rightly titled as `Godhan'- the wealth of cows & cattle. Our ancestors maintained cattles in happy condition. So Bharat in the long past had also been the happiest land. ||13||

परि पुढे झालें दुर्लक्ष । कांही भोवला राज्यपक्ष । गायी होऊनि बसल्या भक्ष्य । वाढलें दुर्भिक्ष त्यागुणें ॥१४॥
But further people began to connive at the cows and cattle. In some degree, the rulers and governments had also made a great harm to cow-clan and cow-keeping profession. Some people began to consume cow-meat. (cows & calves in great number have regularly been shughtered) All these factors resulted in decreasing the number of cows in the country. ||14||

आपण दुधाळ म्हशीकडे गेलों । चहाकॉफी आदि पिऊं लागलों । म्हणोनि गायीसमेत मुकलों । सर्वस्वासि ॥१५॥
To have milk on larege scale, we started to keep buffeloes more in preference to cows. Gradually, milk became an essential element for tea and coffee. So we had been deprived of not only the cows but also our all happiness and glorious, precious wealth. ||15||

प्राणी खावोन एकदा तोषला । तो नित्यासाठी त्यास मुकला । मग कुठलें दुभतें, संतान, खतादि त्याला ? ऐसें केलें वेडयापरी ॥१६॥
When some animal is killed for consuming, it is permanently lost by us. Then how can we have the benefits from it like milk products, oxen, manure etc? In this way we have enacted in a very insane manner. ||16||

गायी विकोनि पोट भरलें । मग नित्यासाठी खाईल कुठलें ? पोट बांधोनि गायीस पोषिलें । त्यासि लाभलें सौख्य पुढे ॥१७॥
But if man sells a cow and can live comfortably for some time upon that sale proceeds, how many days can he pull on with that money? Further he will feel scarcity of money and everything. But, he, who endures all hardships and maintains that cow, can have his future days full of happiness. ||17||

’ गोरक्षणीं स्वरक्षण ’ । ऐसें पूर्वजांचें कथन । म्हणोनीच गायींकरितां प्राण । दिले अनेक शूरांनी ॥१८॥
Our ancesters had always advocated through their practical experiences `We can have our protection in the protection of cows'. Hence a great number of brave heroes had sacrificed their lives for protecting cows. ||18||

श्रीकृष्ण आणि शिवशंकर । वसिष्ठ आणि दत्तदिगंबर । दिलीप, शिवाजी गोसेवा-तत्पर । संत अपार गोभक्त ॥१९॥
The greatest deities & Gods like Lord Shrikrishna, Lord Shivashankar Lord Dattadigambar; great kings like Dileep (of Raghoovansha) and Shivaji Maharaj as well as the great sages and rishis like vashishtha, the holy men and saints had always promptly rendered their devotional services to cows. ||19||

ज्यांनी त्यागिलें सर्वस्वास । करतलीं भिक्षा तरुतलीं वास । ऐसे निष्काम गुरुहि गोसेवेस । न विसंबती कदापि ॥२०॥
The most excellent desireless Guru (like shreepad Shreevallabh swamee), who had sacrificed all his precious belongings, who had always preferred to reside under a tree, who used to take alms on his hand (and not in pot) had also never forgotten to render his regular devotional service to the cow. ||20||

गायीच्या शरीरांत सर्व । कल्पिले जे देवीदेव । तयांचा हाचि असे भाव । गाय अधिष्ठान देशाचें ॥२१॥
Since ancient ages, we had always held a firm concept that all Gods and Goddesses reside in the body of a cow. This concept means that cow is the firm foundation of our motherland. ||21||

तिच्या शेणाने पिके शेती । शेती देई सुखसंपत्ति । म्हणोनिच शेणामाजी लक्ष्मीची वसती । वर्णिली असे ॥२२॥
Cowdung is the best manure. It helps to grow agricultural produces and rich crops which naturally result in growing our wealth. Therefore it is said that Goddess of wealth, Lakhshmi resides in cowdung. ||22||

गोरसाने आरोग्य शरीरीं । मग कोठे राहिला धन्वंतरी ? सत्वांश मिळतां बुध्दि गोजिरी । सरस्वती ही गोदुग्धीं ॥२३॥
Cowmilk maintains good health and hygiene. Then who will enquire for Dhanwantaree? (The physician of Gods). Cowmilk excellently sharpens our talent and intelligence. So it is presumed that Goddess Saraswati (deity of intelligence) resides in cow's milk. ||23||

उदररोगांचें नाशक । सत्वांश देई गायीचें ताक । तुपाने शांत डोळे मस्तक । चंद्रसूर्य जणूं नेत्रीं ॥२४॥
Buttermilk of cow contains rich pith which is a cure all remedy of abdominal diseases. The ghee from cow's milk keeps head cool and peaceful and so it is imagined that the sun and the moon reside in the eyes of the cow. ||24||

गाय जिवंत आरोग्यधाम । तिचे पुत्र प्रत्यक्ष परिश्रम । राष्ट्रसुखाचा मार्ग सुगम । गोसेवेयोगें ॥२५॥
Cow is a live store of health and hygiene. Its sons (bullocks) are really the image of excellent labour. Therefore, service to the cow is only the easy and simple way of making our motherland happy. ||25||

म्हणोनि सकलांचें कर्तव्य आहे । जेणें गोवंश सुधारणा होय । ऐसा करावा कांही उपाय । सर्वतोपरीं ॥२६॥
Therefore it is the duty of all of us to find out and execute all kinds of remedies and on all levels so that the cow-clan can be improved. ||26||

कसाब आपुल्या गांवांतूनि । गायी नेती बघतां नयनीं । दु:ख व्हावें सकलांच्या मनीं । परतवाव्या त्या गायी ॥२७॥
When we notice any butcher taking away cows from our village; we all must feel a great agony and sorrow and we should come forward to rescue those poor animals from the clutch of that butcher. ||27||

ऐसे दलाल हाकोनि द्यावे । अथवा अन्य कामीं लावावे । परोपरीने सुमार्गी वळवावे । घेते-देते सर्वचि ॥२८॥
The agents who help in selling the cows from the villagers should be either quickly driven out or provided with some other good job to earn their livelihood. We must convince and turn the minds of the sellers and buyers of the cows and bring them to a right noble path. ||28||

विकणारासि समजावावें । एवढयाने का श्रीमंती पावे ? मरे तों घरीं खतमूत घ्यावें । तरी फळे सेवा गायीची ॥२९॥
We should ask him, "will you become very rich by selling your cow? On the contrary, keep it. It will provide you with dung, urine which will help to bring you a rich crop. Your services to your cow will never go fruitless. ||29||

द्वारीं सकाळीं गाय हंबरली । गोमूत्र देवोनिया उठली । म्हणजे समजावी पवित्रता झाली । जागेमाजी ॥३०॥
When early in the morning a cow moos and makes water, you should believe that your house and the atmosphere around have become sacred and auspicious. ||30||

ज्याचे घरीं शेती आहे । त्याने अवश्यचि पाळावी गाय । मळमूत्र सर्व उपयोगी राहे । ऐसी गाय माऊली ती ॥३१॥
One, who is a farmer by profession, should necessarily keep a cow. Its excreta is very useful. Cow is really a mother for him. ||31||

गाय माऊली आईसमान । तिची निगा असावी पूर्ण । न करावी गोमाशांची खाण । अथवा सांपळा हाडांचा ॥३२॥
The cow is like a loving mother. All care of the cow should be taken from whole heart. The bands of gadflies should be carefully put away. It should be provided enough fodder so that it would not get emaciated and become a skeleton of bones. ||32||

घालोनि चारा पेंड चुरी । गाय करावी हत्तीपरी । प्रेमें गोंजारोनि घरोघरीं । गाय प्रसन्न ठेवावी ॥३३॥
The cow should be fed with fodder, fragments of pulses, clod and a lump of jaggery, oilcake etc and it should be made as sturdy and robust as an elephant. It should be coaxed and fondled by running a loving hand on its face and back. The cows should be kept happy in every house. ||33||

गांवीं असावा आदर्श सांड । बैल निपजावया धिप्पाड । सुंदर होईल शेतीसि जोड । वाहावया बैलांची ॥३४॥
The village should keep and maintain a brooding bull for producing tall and hefty oxen. The farmer can have a strong and sturdy pair of oxen for his agricultural activities. ||34||

उत्तम गायी सुंदर सांड । पाहतां आनंद वाटे उदंड । दूध पिवोनि मुलें प्रचंड । शक्ति दाविती ॥३५॥
If we find excellent cows and handsome brooding bull then our minds will feel a great pleasure. Consuming nutritious cow milk boys will be found extracting heavy work and exhibit their strength and energy. ||35||

तेंचि खरें सात्विक सौंदर्य । मुलें गोंजारिती वत्स गाय । दूध पूवोनि राहती तन्मय । खेळींमेळीं ॥३६॥
When the children seem to coax the cows and calves and get absorbed in playing cheerfully, with them that sight bears a real pious and pure beauty. ||36||

गोवंशाचें दूध वाढे । तरीच संतान उन्नतीस चढे । खाऊं घालोनि लाडू पेढें । उगीच पोटें वाढती ॥३७॥
When cows produce plenty of milk, children can consume it more and will become strong, sturdy and intelligent. If they are provided with ladoos (sweet edible balls) and pedhas (condensed milk sweet) their bellies will grow large and spread but their bodies will not become strong. ||37||

कृत्रिम दूध-लोणी कांही । गोरसतुल्य ठरणार नाही । नाना रोग वाढती देहीं । न कळतां कृत्रिमतेने ॥३८॥
Man-made artificial milk and milk products can't become as equally excellent as the natural nutritious cow milk. This artificialness helps many diseases to enter in our body without our knowledge. ||38||

सर्वथैव यंत्रांनीच कांही । शेती सुखकर होणार नाही । गांवची संपत्ति गांवीं राही । सुगम तो मार्ग उत्तम ॥३९॥
The use of machines for all agricultural work can't make our agriculture and cultivation fully successful and happy. Therefore the easy way to maintain the village wealth in village itself (to use oxen for agricultural work) will be benefitial to our agriculture. ||39||

यासाठी गायीगुरांची जोपासना । घरोघरीं ठेवावा गोवत्सठाणा । प्रसन्न दिसावे पशू नाना । उत्तम लाभावें दूधदही ॥४०॥
For this purpose, each and every house should maintain the sties and pens for cows and calves. There, a good arrangement to keep the cows and cattle should be made. One should feel a great pleasure looking at all happy cattle. There should be overabundance of milk, curd and other milk products in every house. ||40||

दुधादह्याची योग्य पूर्ति । व्हावी आपुल्या गांवाप्रति । घरोघरीं गायीवासरें असती । तेंचि गांव भाग्यशाली ॥४१॥
A large quantity of milk and curd should be produced in our own village, which will fulfil the needs of our village. So, the village, where each and every house has maintained cows, should be held as the trully fortunate village. ||41||

जो आपुल्या घरीं गाय न ठेवी । तयासाठी गोरक्षणें असावीं । गरीबांची तेथे सोय व्हावी । उत्तम लाभावा गोरस ॥४२॥
One, who has a cow but is unable to keep and maintain it, should send his cow into the Gorakhshan sanstha -(an establishment run by the village to protect & maintain cows and cattle). The poor in the village should be allowed to keep their cows in that sansthaa and they should get all gains of milk and milk products from them. ||42||

कांही ठिकाणीं गोरक्षणें करिती । मरतुकडया गायी जमविती । त्यांच्या नांवाने पैसे खाती । गायी मारती उपवासी ॥४३॥
There are some such organisations for protection of cows. They collect lean and meagre cows there. In the name of maintaining those cows, they collect funds. But they misappropriate money from such funds for their personal selfish gains and keep the cows half-starved. ||43||

ऐसें नको गोरक्षण । जें दुखवी मानवी मन । राहावी गायी-सांड पाहोन । प्रसन्न जनता सर्वदा ॥४४॥
The cowkeeping organisations should not be such places where seeing the miserable condition of the poor animals, the spectators will be pained. On the contrary, people should feel pleasure in looking at the healthy cows and brooding bulls maintained with loving care in such gorakhshan sansthaas. ||44||

गोरक्षणें दहीदुधाची सोय व्हावी । लोकीं सुखसंपन्नता यावी । कोरडी गोपूजाच न करावी । घरोघरीं अथवा गांवीं ॥४५॥
Keeping cows, on a large scale, the go-rakhshana sansthaas should provide the Village with adequate milk, curd etc. The financial condition of people should be improved from the cow-keeping activities. It should help people to prosper and to live happily. What meaning is there if the cows are worshipped aridly as an empty ritual of the houses and as a tradition in the village? ||45||

उत्तम चारापेंड देऊन । वाढवावें गायींचें वजन । आदर्श गायी वळू ठेवोन । उत्तम गोधन वाढवावें ॥४६॥
The village should provide best fodder and clod etc. and try to increase the weight of cows. Keeping an ideal strong bull, they should increase the number of cows more and more ||46||

गांवीं सुंदर गायींचा तांडा । चराया गोचरभूमि उदंडा । नदी तळें विहिरीचा आखाडा । भव्य जैसा ॥४७॥
In the village there should be a beautiful herd of cows. A vast pasture should be left open for cows and cattle to have ample fodder. The cattle should get ample water from a nearby river, lake or the wells. ||47||

उत्तम ऐसा देवसांड । मुबलक चरावा चारा-बिवड । बीजारोपणीं दूधकावड । देती गायी ॥४८॥
There should be a brooding bull offered to God which will belong to village in general. It should be provided with plentiful fodder. The cows will be big with young and further will produce a lot of milk. ||48||

हेंचि खरें गोरक्षण । नाहीतरि कसाबभुवन । उगीच गायी वाडयांत कोंडून । गोरक्षण का होई ? ॥४९॥
This is a real cow protection. Otherwise the gorakhshan sanstha will be seemed as the butcher's house. Does it really mean gorakhshan by confining cows in some big mansion? ||49||

गायीस नसे चराऊ जमीन । तरि मोकळी पाडावी सरकाराकडोन । अथवा गांवीं करावी अर्पण । जमीनदारांनी ॥५०॥
If there is no open land available for a pasture, it should be obtained through the government or some rich landlord should offer some of his land for this purpose. ||50||

गोरक्षणाचा व्हावा अभ्यास । नाना प्रयोग सावकाश । कैसे पुढे गेले अन्य देश । ती माहिती द्यावी सर्वां ॥५१॥
A profound and all sided study and research should be taken up for cow protection and cow-clan development. Whatever successful experiments in this regard are made in other progressive countries should be carefully studied and we shall also start experimenting in our country. We must provide useful information and guidance to our people. ||51||

गोवंशाच्या रोगनिवारणा । गांवीं ठेवावा दवाखाना । लाभ मिळावा सर्वांना । प्रतिबंधकता समजावी ॥५२॥
To protect cows and cattle from their harmful diseases, every village should run a veternary hospital and all villagers should get the benefits of it. People should be provided proper essential knowledge of prevention of animal diseases. ||52||

गांवोगांवीं व्हावी गो-उपासना । गोसेवा गोदुग्धमंदिर स्थापना । रुचि लावावी थोरांलहानां । गोदुग्धाची परोपरीं ॥५३॥
In this way creative and practical devotion for cows should be developed in every village. Some Goseva mandals and Godugdha temples should be established and run by every village. A liking for cow milk should be created in old folks to small children in every family. ||53||

सर्व करावें जें जें करणें । परि सुधारावें सात्विक खाणें । त्यावांचोनि सदबुध्दि येणें । कठिणचि वाटे ॥५४॥
Everything possible effort should be made for the protection and maintenance of cows. But it is also very essential to establish a habit of pious diets in our people. Without it, it is difficult to create a good, noble and wise intelligence in them. ||54||

सात्विक खाद्यपेयांविण कांही । गांवीं आरोग्य येणार नाही । उत्तम शक्ति नसतां देहीं । संपत्तिहि कैची ? ॥५५॥
Health and hygiene of people can't be improved unless they form a habit and liking for satwik (pious, pure, simple and moderate) diets. If they don't have good strength and potential energy, how can they make wealth? ||55||

उत्तम दूध उत्तम सांड । उत्तम शेती उत्तम बिवड । उत्तम कामगार प्रचंड । शक्तिशाली ॥५६॥
Purest milk, strong and sturdy brooding bull, richly productive agricultural land and if harmonious unity of above three factors could be possible, we are sure, the strongest and hard labourious workers will grow in our country on a large scale. ||56||

ऐसें ज्यांनी गांव केलें । तेचि आज प्रतिष्ठा पावले । एरव्ही तोरा करोनि मेले । निकामी ते ॥५७॥
In such an ideal form those, who shaped and moulded their villages had been always honoured and admired by the society. Those, who displayed only empty struts without enacting any good deed, had gone unsung and unconquered. ||57||

निकामियाची व्यर्थ संपत्ति । निकामियाची व्यर्थ शक्ति । नाना मार्गे संपोनि अंतीं । दु:ख देई जीवासि ॥५८॥
The wealth, physical energy and abilities of those, who live idly without enacting any job, are in vain and a waste. Finally their wealth and strength is spent and exhausted in wrong and unfair enactments and their beings suffer sorrows and agonies. ||58||

खूप सत्वमय खावोनि अन्न । मेद घेतला वाढवोन । तेथे रोगांची फौज निर्माण । होतसे दु:ख द्यावया ॥५९॥
Consuming most nutritious food regularly in a large quantity they grow fatness (obesity) and unwanted fat in their bodies. That results in erecting an army of many diseases and physical disorders in them. ||59||

म्हणोनि केलें पाहिजे काम । आरोग्यदायी कुणी व्यायाम । अंगांतोनि निघतां घाम । नष्ट होती रोगजंतु ॥६०॥
Therefore one must labour and put himself to hard work; or perform regular physical exercises. When body oozes sweat and perspires adequately, all germs and viruses of different diseases get destroyed and man gets protected from such diseases. ||60||

व्यायाम आरोग्यदायी मित्र । हें ध्यानीं ठेवावें सूत्र । आळस वैरी मानिला सर्वत्र । सर्वतोपरीं ॥६१॥
Physical exercise is our health providing friend. Always keep this principle in your mind. Always hold idleness as our arch enemy. ||61||

व्यायामाविण सात्विक भोजन । तेंहि मारी विकारी होऊन । व्यायामें होय अग्निदीपन । अन्नपचन सहजचि ॥६२॥
Consuming over nutritious and pithful rich food becomes harmful also creating disfortations. Physical exercise ignites and tends the gastric heat in our belly and the consumed food is easily digested. ||62||

व्यायामें जडत्व जाई दुरी । व्यायामें अंगीं राहे तरतरी । रक्तव्यवस्था उत्तम शरीरीं । वाढे विचारीं सजीवपण ॥६३॥
Physical exercises drive away the idleness and heaviness from our body and create cheerfulness due to good blood circulation. Sound mind then holds good and noble thoughts. ||63||

व्यायामाने सशक्त स्नायु । व्यायामें मानव होय दीर्घायु । व्यायामहीना पित्त कफ वायु । जर्जर करिती अत्यंत ॥६४॥
Regular physical exercises make muscles of the individual strong and pliant. It extends the life span of man. Without doing regular physical exercises man develops forceful distortion forceful cough, phlegm, gout and choler. ||64||

व्यायामें वाढे प्रतिकारशक्ति । स्वावलंबनाची प्रवृत्ति । व्यायामें अंगीं वाढे स्फूर्ति । कार्य करण्याची ॥६५॥
Physical exercise grows preventive and reactionary powers in our body and it can react and struggle with all diseases and dangers. It develops tendency towards self-reliance. It encourages and inspires to do every kind of physical enactments and deeds. ||65||

ऐसा व्यायाम सर्वांकरितां । असे उपयुक्त पाहतां । ही नव्हे केवळ एकांगी संथा । पहिलवानांची ॥६६॥
In this manner, physical exercise is excellently beneficial to all, It is wrong to think that physical exercises are essential only for the wrestlers to maintain their wrestling fitness. ||66||

कोणी व्यायामामागेच लागले । ते मल्ल-पहिलवान झाले । लोकां दिपवोनि सामर्थ्य दाविलें । देह-शक्तीचें ॥६७॥
Some individuals developed liking for physical exercises. With regular exercises, they became strong and sturdy wrestlers, athletes and gymnasts. Exhibiting their super physical strength and muscle powers they fascinated people. ||67||

त्यांत कोणी बक्षिसासाठी । करिती जीवनाची आटाआटी । पैशांसाठीं मारापिटी । करिती कोणी ॥६८॥
Some of such strong and mighty wreslers started to exert ardent efforts to win wrestling competitions and earn rewards. Through avarice for money they would readily start struggling and fighting. ||68||

देह झिजवावा सेवेस्तव । सत्यमार्गे रक्षावें गांव । दुर्बळासि उचलावें हेंचि वैभव । मल्लविद्येचें ॥६९॥
In fact the strongmen and wrestlers should emaciate their strong bodies in rendering villagers their services, if they protect the village by taking the right side, if they uplift the weak, miserable and needy people in the village, then only their might, physical super powers will prove adorable. ||69||

परि इकडे नाही ध्यान । नष्ट करोनिया मिष्टान्न । शक्ति खर्चिती दुष्कर्मी पूर्ण । ऐसे व्यायामी कितीतरी ॥७०॥
But a good number of such physical body builders and wrestlers connive at this. They waste delicious food by consuming regularly and utilize their physical powers and strength in enacting wrong enactments. ||70||

कोणाच्या भरदार देहावरि । कपडे मुलायम जरतारी । आपुल्याच खाद्य खुराकीची करी । सर्वदा चिंता ॥७१॥
Some such strong and stout body-builders and wrestlers put on clothes interwooven with golden and silver threads upon their tall and hefty bodies and care only for their nutritious delicious food items. ||71||

गांवसेवेचें काम आलें । तेथे पुढारीपण दिलें । तरि तोंडचि त्याचें चाले । स्वयें न करी एकहि ॥७२॥
If such wrestlers and hefty body builders are given a leadership to carry on some activity for the village, they will do nothing by putting themselves to hard labour. They will only order others to do in this or that way. ||72||

कपडयास न पडावी वळी । म्हणोनि दुरुनीच सांभाळी । कामें करिती माणसें सगळी । परि तो जागचा हालेना ॥७३॥
These folks keep themselves away from actual physical labour to save their clothings from getting dirty or disturbing their neat folds. They will only dictate and direct orally. They will never move an inch away from their seats while others are fully engaged in doing hard labour. ||73||

असेल कुस्तीमाजी बरवा । परि जो प्रसंगीं कामीं न यावा । तो मल्ल म्हणोनि गौरवावा । कोणत्या न्यायें ? ॥७४॥
Some wrestler might be an extra-ordinarily expert in winning the wrestling competitions. But if he does not become helpful and share some work on critical occasions, adoring and honouring him as a wrestler cannot be justified and considered as fair & righteous. ||74||

तोचि खरा पहिलवान । जो देह-उन्नति साधूनि पूर्ण । सेवेसाठी अर्पितो जीवन । हनुमंतापरी ॥७५॥
Therefore that individual should be honourably considered as superior wrestler who grows his physical strength and energies and offers them along with his life for rendering noble services to others like the great Hanumant. ||75||

नुसतें दंडमोंढे मारणें । कुस्ती जिंकणें, चणे पचविणें । थोरालहानांस तंबी देणें । नव्हती लक्षणें व्यायामाचीं ॥७६॥
Doing regular physical exercises like `dand-baithak', winning the wrestling competitions, and digesting grams and threatening all elders and youngers these are not the real characterestics of physical exercises and the strength acquired through them. ||76||

साधाया सेवेचा उपक्रम । कराया जीवनाचें काम । जो शक्ति दे तोच व्यायाम । आवश्यक सर्वां ॥७७॥
We all need such physical exercises which can grow powers to help us rendering service to the people and doing all activities useful for living good happy life. ||77||

व्यायाममंदिरांतचि कांही । व्यायाम होतो ऐसें नाही । उत्पादनासि सहायक होई । तो व्यायाम श्रेष्ठ ऐसा ॥७८॥
Don't have a wrong conception that physical exercises can be performed only in some arenas or physical training institutes. The labour, which increases our productions should be considered as the most excellent physical exercise. ||78||

हाते घेवोनि दंड मारणें । त्याहूनि उत्तम पाणी ओढणें । दळणें, फोडणें, जमीन खोदणें । आरोग्यदायी ॥७९॥
It is better to draw water from well, to grind grain, to break logs of wood, to chip stones and to dig than to perform some kinds of physical exercises like `dand-baithak'. They are more helpful for health than the other kinds of physical exercises. ||79||

जीवनाचा अमोल वेळ । घालवोनि खेळती तकलादी खेळ । त्यापेक्षा परिश्रमाचें फळ । उत्तम सर्वतोपरीं ॥८०॥
Wasting the precious and most valuable span of life in playing such showy and superfical games, it is better to do the most excellent exercises by exerting hard and labourious enactments. ||80||

दळणकांडणादिकें उत्तम । मिळे आरोग्यकारी व्यायाम । देह विशेष राही कार्यक्षम । ऐसा सत्वांशहि लाभे ॥८१॥
By the physical exercises which we can have in doing enactments like grinding, pounding etc. we can keep ourselves fit and healthy. Man can become strong and mighty enough to perform any physical enactment. ||81||

वाचेल बरीचशीं संपत्ति । देशांत वाढेल श्रमाची  शक्ति । सर्व कार्यांचीं होईल पूर्ति । गांवींच या मार्गाने ॥८२॥
When people do all physical labourious enactments for their household needs, much of their money can be saved. The country will have increasing labouring power. The villager can fulfil all his needs in his own village. ||82||

होवोनिया लोकसेवा । आरोग्याचा लाभेल मेवा । गांवास लाभे सुखाचा ठेवा । अडचण कोठे कशाची ? ॥८३॥
BY this habit of performing all physical labour, one can render his noble services to the people. He will physically keep fit and healthy. His village will be happy and even the name of any scarcity or hardship will then never exist in his village. ||83||

आपुली शेती आपुल्या कष्टें । शेणमूत्रादि घालोनि गोमटे । करिता ऐसी आदर्श नेटे । उत्पन्नासी वाण नुरे ॥८४॥
If we work hard in our own agricultural land, if we provide it with excellent manure of excreta of cows & cattle and if with streneous, insistant, labourious, ideal attempts we enact regularly, then there will be no scarcity of wealth and income for individual and for the village. ||84||

आबालवृध्द नरनारी । यासाठी झटतील घरोघरीं । तरि सर्व सुखें संसारीं । लाभतील त्यांना ॥८५॥
If all villagers including male and female, children and age old elders in every family will put themselves to such hard work, they will acquire all pleasures and happiness very easily and comfortably in their household lives. ||85||

लाभेल व्यायामाचें फळ कामामाजींच सकळ । निसर्गचि देईल आरोग्यबळ । सर्व लोकां ॥८६॥
By such physical hard work they will casually and spontaneously have good fruits of physical exercises. The healthy natural atmosphere will give all excellent healthy strength and energies. ||86||

वनस्पति आदींचा सहवास । सूर्यकिरणांतील सत्वांश । शुध्द हवेंतील श्रम सर्वांस । अमृतापरी लाभदायी ॥८७॥
Constant intimate association with trees and plants, the nutritious essence in the sunrays and productive labour in hard work in the pure natural atmosphere will become extremely and excellently beneficial. They will be fruitful as heavenly as the necter of heaven. ||87||

मग गांव असो की शहर । तेथे रोगांचा न राहे संचार । एक-एक व्यक्ति करील आचार । ऐसा जरी ॥८८॥
If each and every individual enacts in this manner, there will be no diseases in villages or in big cities and towns. ||88||

व्यसनें आळस दुराचार । यांपासोनि राहिला दूर । ऐसा एकेक घटक सुंदर । पाहिजे गांवीं ॥८९॥
Each and every individual in the village must keep himself away from addictions, bad habits, idleness and evil, wrong and filthy enactments. ||89||

सदगुण जेथे जेथे दिसती । ते उचलोनि आणावे अनुभवाप्रति । यानेच उन्नत होईल व्यक्ति । जीवन सुधारेल गांवाचें ॥९०॥
Everybody should try to pickup and imbibe practicing the virtue which he notices anywhere. Every individual can seek his own upliftment by his own noble conduct. It will improve the life of his village also. ||90||

जीवन लाभावें उज्जवलतेचें । तरि सर्व कामधाम असावें सोयीचें । जें जें कराल तें चालावें साचें । त्याच मार्गी ॥९१॥
If you disire to make your life brilliant, then always try to perform all your duties and enact all your activities conveniently i.e. in a very neat and perfect manner. Whatever you enact, keep it doing constantly in future also. ||91||

भोजनस्थानीं निद्रास्थानीं । सभास्थानीं उधोगस्थानीं । विशेष प्रसंगीं सहजस्थानीं । सदविचारेंचि वर्तावें ॥९२॥
You may do any activity anywhere such as having repast, going to bed, attending assemblies or meetings and at any special occassions, you should always maintain your behaviour with noble thoughts and ideal, noble enactments. ||92||

संस्कार आणि शुध्दबुध्दता । आरोग्य आणि पवित्रता । यांवरि लक्ष ठेवोनि सात्विकता । बिंबवावी जीवनीं ॥९३॥
Virtueous initiations and impressions, honest excellent thoughtfulness, health, sacredness and sanctity are the very essential factors which should be given a very careful attention. In this way we should imbibe piousness, purity and nobility in our life. ||93||

यांकरितां बोललों कांही दिनचर्या । आहारविहारादि कार्या । ग्रामस्थांनी अनुभवोनिया । उध्दार करावा जीवनाचा ॥९४॥
(Vandaniya Maharaj says) Therefore, I have told you so descriptively about your daily routine, particularly about the habits of eating, drinking and manners of behaviour. All of you, villagers, should experience the benefits by personally following that routine behaviour and get yourselves prospered & uplifted in your life. ||94||

ऐसें करावें एकेक कार्य । जेणें गांवीं नांदेल सात्विक सौंदर्य । यांतचि स्वर्गीय सुखाचें माधुर्य । तुकडया म्हणे ॥९५॥
(Vandaneeya Maharaj says) Therefore o Listeners ! You all should try to enact each and every act and duty which will help to maintain the pious, pure and auspicious (saatwik) beauty in your village forever. Here only lies the divine sweetness of heavenly peace, pleasures and happiness. ||95||

इतिश्री ग्रामगीता ग्रंथ । गुरु-शास्त्र-स्वानुभव संमत । गोरसव्यायामसेवन कथित । पंधरावा अध्याय संपूर्ण ॥९६॥
This Graamgeetaa scripture is well consented by the Guru, shastras and self-experiences. This fifteenth chapter, in which the excellent benefits of consuming cow-milk and practicing physical exercises - (Goras vyaayaam sevan) are narrated, is hereby concluded. ||96||

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