Thursday, January 20, 2011


Marathi Natak - Purush
Director - Jayant Savarkar, Writer - Jaywant Dalvi,
Starring - Chandrakant Gokhale, Mohan Joshi, Usha Nadkarni, Manjusha Godse, Abhay Godse, Sanyogita Bhave, Santosh Gaavkar.

The play PURUSH (The Male) starts in a middle class maharashtrian brahmin home (Mumbai). The old man is a school master, retired , who talks a lot of the greatness of the likes of Mahatma Gandhi, etc. His drawing room has huge pictures of martyrs. He is a simple soul, who falls for all the sweet talk and simple acts of garlanding him.
Daughter Ambika wants to eradicate the caste system and believes in equality for which she strives through morchas (demonstrations), etc. To prove her point she wants to marry a lowcaste who is busy fighting for the rights of harijans and who frequents Ambika’s home and takes her help in furthering his cause.
The play takes a serious turn when a politician comes into their life with all the sweetness of the wolf in Little Red Riding Hood. He beats up her father and rapes her, when she goes to his place for the help promised by him for her school.
Then starts her trauma, ridicule in court, loss confidence in her school and society. Her mother dies of shock and shame, unable to bear her daughter’s plight. Ambika’s father is a shattered man who has lost faith in high ideals and the high and mighty politicians. Even the man she loved lets her down, saying he cannot fight for the injustice done to her, since he is a harijan (A low caste, untouchable). Now, it is time Ambika took her life and matters in her own hands... She then plans her moves and HOW ?! See the play for its shocking turn of events.

मराठी नाटक - पुरुष
डायरेक्टर - जयंत सावरकर लेखक - जयवंत दळवी
कलाकार - चंद्रकांत गोखले, मोहन जोशी, उषा नाडकर्णी, मंजुषा गोडसे, अभय गोडसे, संयोगिता भावे, संतोष गावकर.

पुरुष ही कथा आहे एका स्त्रीच्या विजयाची पुरुषांच्या अंधभक्तीवर. अंबिका ह्या शालेय शिक्षिकेवर समाजातील प्रबळ आणि वजनदार व्यक्तिमत्त्व स्थानिक राजकारणी गुलाबराव जाधव हे बलात्कार करतात. ह्या भयानक कृत्याचा जाब विचारण्यासाठी अंबिका उभी राहते. ह्या एका घटनेने तिचे अख्खे कुटुंब ढवळून निघते. तिच्या गुन्हेगारावर दाखल केलेली केस ती कोर्टात हरते, तिची आई धक्क्याने आत्महत्या करते आणि तिचे बाबा नामुष्कीने मोडकळीस येतात. अंबिका बदला घेवू शकेल का? पुढे काय होते पहा 'पुरुष'.

पुरुष - भाग १

पुरुष - भाग

पुरुष - भाग

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  1. i like too much play PURUSH, pl.tell me publisher's adds.of its hindi translation.
    dr omendra kumar